The Toy


Image by cdlitestudio

Wind her up, look at her go

She spins round & round

Just say the word

And she’ll do what she’s told

Just like any Toy should


Her painted smile

Fake rosy red cheeks

She’ll laugh, she’ll cry

Whatever pleases Thee

She’s just a Toy

To play with


Her costume a lovely color

Her body so impure & imperfect

She’ll do whatever

You ask of her

Cause that’s

How the Toy works


Make her laugh, watch her dance

She’s such a glorious Game

When she slows

You can feel her woes

Not such a great Toy after all


Dazzle her with kindness

Show her she matters

Then she’ll have no reason

Not to believe you

Toys don’t have minds anyway


When the paint of the mask fades

& her batteries run low

When she can do nothing but bore you

You’ll toss her away, she knows

Cause Toys just come and go


Maybe instead of the trash

She’ll sit back on that shelf

Cause No matter what

A Toy should be fun


So when she ceases to be that

Just toss her aside

& get another one


Toys are Replaceable

Toys are Cheap

Toys are Fun

When laughs still come

But once tattered and torn

You have no more choice

She’ll go to the rubbish

Because no one loved her

The Most


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