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We are all humans. We all have ups and downs in our lives. But are you the consistent kind of human?

Yes, as humans we all evolve, and if we are lucky, we grow and change. But at our core we can have consistency to our true selves. Being true to oneself is a hard thing to do, much less being true to another human. But, always remember, if you are not true to yourself your relationships will continue to fail. Be true, be consistent.

Consistency is something I believe all humans have a hard time dealing with. Sure, there are days when you want to be out of the norm, so you do something uncharacteristic. That is not what I am talking about. I am speaking more to the core self that each of us have. Our natural demeanors, actions, and thoughts we have about life, love, and the human condition.

As I have said in previous posts, we humans tend to gravitate to other individuals who are liked minded and in the overall scheme of things, generally make us feel better about who we are. If someone in your life gives you a good feeling and consistently makes you a better person, then shouldn’t you return that genuine feeling? If someone has put your needs before their own, then at some point shouldn’t you reciprocate? Relationships are 50/50, but sometimes they are 70/30. At any given point, one person is going to need more than the other. If you cannot return the same support or comfort that you’ve been given, then isn’t the relationship one sided? Anyone in a relationship should give and take, period. No good relationships have all take and no give OR all give and no take.

Back to consistency. If we all can agree that relationships have to have a back and forth, then we should be able to agree that both humans should be making an effort to keep up the relationship and grow it in a positive way. This is where I think consistency is most important.

You cannot ignore a friend or romantic interest for days, or hours, or weeks, then expect them to be there when you need them. Since all humans have ups and downs, there will be days when each person may not want to or feel they can be a supportive, caring person to another. Simply said, they are busy enough trying to take care of themselves and they may not be able to care for another at that time. We all need self-care days, pure and simple. But allowing a person to have time for self-care and ignoring someone outright are two different things. Any friend worth anything understands when you are just struggling to breathe, mentally or physically. A good friend understands and gives you time.

That being said, there must be a level of consistency. I have heard, many times in my life, how people have just “drifted apart”. What they mean to say is that they both gave up. Small slights and misunderstandings can lead to strong feelings of anger and abandonment. Once those feelings are there, the separation usually begins. Once one person believes the other can’t be bothered, or just doesn’t care anymore, the relationship begins to die. Both people in every relationship have to put forth effort, give their time and attention, as well as be consistent.

Consistency can be a plethora of different things. Again, like time and effort, it can take a great deal of energy, or just expend a small amount. It can be some grand gesture, or just a small move. It can take a great deal of thought, or just be something that’s in the spur of the moment. But the main point is to make sure that whoever you are in the relationship with knows without a doubt that you want to continue the relationship, or that you desire the relationship to grow.

In that mind frame, here is a small list of ways to be consistent, whether it is a romantic relationship or just a friendship.

  1. Be consistently open and honest. Unless you are some clinical psychopath, everyone yearns to just be themselves. So why would you be false in any relationship? We can only be happy with relationships that truly allow us to be completely open and honest. So if you start that way, why not continue that way? It does no one any good, or any favor, if you switch up mid-relationship and start being false in any way. If a person asks your opinion, you should not lie. After all, who does that lie hurt? I’ll tell you. BOTH. You hurt yourself by being false and fake. You hurt the other person by leading them to believe something that is untrue. Honesty has more moral value than anyone can truly imagine. For me, personally, if I died tomorrow the greatest compliment anyone could give me would be to say, “She was many things, but she was REAL.” Lies are too hard to keep up with. And lies take much more energy and effort to keep going. Be real. Be honest. Be true. Be consistent and others will know you for you.
  2. If you think it, maybe you should say it. A million thoughts run a humans mind on a daily basis. Ranging from what’s for breakfast to what the hell am I going to do with my life? We all have worries and things that take up our time. BUT, if that person is just one thought in your head, shouldn’t you take the 30 seconds to tell them. If something you see or hear reminds you of someone, stop, tell them. Make the effort. Spend the time. Be consistent and let them know you are thinking of them. No one is saying have long conversations every minute of the day. But this goes back to time and effort as well. If you think of them, TELL THEM. In today’s society of apps, emojis, and GIFs, it takes but a few seconds to let someone know HEY YOU, you are on my mind. Tell them. Show them. You never know what that will mean, but in the end it will only strengthen the relationship. Be consistent with your effort. Be consistent with your patience. It costs nothing, just a little time and the reward of a good relationship will be more than you imagined.
  3. Be consistently kind, patient, and understanding. There is always a time when you have to be blunt and unkind. There is a time when patience just runs out. There are always things you will never understand. But, in any type of relationship, shouldn’t there at least be a beginning when kindness, patience, and understanding help build up the foundation. If you are being open and honest, if you are giving effort and time, then don’t kindness, patience, and understanding follow all that? If you are kind, 9 out of 10 times, you will receive kindness. If you are patient, then it only serves you and your relationship to grow that patience. If you can take yourself out of your box to understand someone else, don’t you yourself grow as a person, as a human? These three things are basic tools for anyone to become a better human. If you lack kindness, you will be doomed to have people be unkind to you. If you cannot be patient, you will not receive things that are truly worth waiting. If you cannot wrap your head around the fact others deal with different circumstances and lives, then you will only understand a sliver of humankind. If you cannot do any of these things, you will not grow as a human, and all of your relationships will suffer the consequences.
  4. At some point, we all need to figure ourselves out. Find yourself, your likes or dislikes, and then stick to it. We all evolve, this is true. But to our core, we are who we are. Be consistent in that and you will attract people who value what and who you are. If you flip flop, if you are constantly changing your mind, your morals, your likes to fit in, then you are not being yourself. Whether you believe it or not, true, real people can see through this. You won’t have any long lasting relationships if you cannot be true to yourself.

Consistency is something we all must learn to be. Be consistent in your relationships. Be consistent with yourself. Find what makes you YOU, then stick with it until it doesn’t fit you. Don’t be flighty or a flip flopper. Be true to your relationships and they WILL GROW.

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EFFORT cover wordpress


So, we all know that relationships are hard work. If you don’t, then you need to sit down and be very honest with yourself. YES, some things in a relationship should be easy, but most things should be hard. If you think about a relationship in general terms, you are putting two individual people, with likes and dislikes, together. Of course there will be hard times. Of course there will be struggles. It’s life and that’s what happens whether you are in a relationship or not.

Let’s be clear, a relationship is any type of interaction you have with another human, animal, or any object. So this is not only for romantic relationships, but also for friendships and family relationships. THEY ALL TAKE EFFORT. If you are not putting in some effort, then you will not reap the rewards of a happy relationship.

What’s the big deal right? Why not have an easy going, non-effort relationship? Because without any effort being put in, you really don’t get much back. Think about that. Think about all the famous inspirational quotes that get repeated, retweeted, and re-posted every day. Think about what your grandparent or parent told you when you were young, about how hard work gets you rewards.  If you can’t put in the hard work, or effort, then what do you really get? I’ll tell you…you get BORED. Anything that comes easy may just not be worth having. If your work was a monotonous grind from day to day, wouldn’t that bore you year after year? If you were not learning something new every day, wouldn’t your brain just turn to mush? So, can’t you conclude that maybe, just maybe, some hard work is needed to be successful.

As writers, we all know and realize that it takes hard work, long hours, and a degree of talent to create a book, a poem, any type of writing or art form? It’s much more about the hard work, than about the money or fame. You won’t get either until you put in the hard work. Therefore, each of us knows it takes effort, in any and everything we do to see a reward or sense of accomplishment.

So why aren’t you putting in the effort with relationships?

Most people have their issues, things that make relationships hard. Guess what? WE ALL HAVE THEM. Now, to put yourself together with another human, you’ll have twice as many issues. To stay with that human, you’ll have to work just as hard as you would in any other part of your life.

Effort can be something as small as remembering someone’s birthday or even that they have a trip to the doctor, or a physical ailment. Effort can something as small as remembering how they like their coffee or tea, or even what brand. It can be something as small as remembering what their favorite food or color is. It is the small things, along with the really big things that will make it work.

In light of all these things you can do to make an effort, here are some easy peazy things that anyone and everyone can do. Remember effort can be given even if time and energy are not in abundance.

  1. Say hello. Say good morning, or good night. Tell them you are thinking of them. One text, one message may make someone’s day so much better or brighter. It literally takes seconds, and very little energy to do this. But the rewards for it can be limitless. Whether it’s romantic or friendship, everyone needs to know you are thinking of them, even for just a few seconds.
  2. When you ask how they are, really listen and pay attention. If even they are just having a little cough, or a rough day, listen. LISTEN. Pay attention to not only how they are feeling, but also how they react to the things happening around them. No one can fix another person’s problems; sometimes it’s just about comforting and listening to them. When someone feels heard, they begin to open up and show you how they truly feel. Being authentic is a huge effort for all of us. Respect them enough to understand that if they tell you their problems they are opening up. Put in the effort to listen.
  3. As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, eye contact. Eye contact takes effort and what you get back cannot be measured. There’s something to be said for multitasking, such as eating or watching a movie together, but eye contact shows the other person you are there not only physically but mentally as well. This is often wrapped up with attention, but then again, don’t they both take effort? There are tell-tale signs if someone is lying while looking you in the eye, and you only can notice that when you look at them back. “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Often said, but really think about it. Eyes are just as important as body language. Apply the effort and maybe you won’t fall into the traps of others. Instead, you’ll see exactly what they are about, and how they feel inside.
  4. Make them smile. Whatever you think is smile worthy, share it. It may be the only smile they have all day. If it is a video, a pic, a gif, or a joke, share it. Let them know, it takes not much time or effort, that you want them to smile, even for just one second. When the day or night lingers, they’ll think back to it, and they will smile again. Not much effort could keep someone you care about a little more grounded to the good things in life. Doesn’t cost you anything, but it shows them you want something good for them.

Those are just a few suggestions. If you have any more please feel free to comment. If you think I’m totally wrong, say it. This is not meant to be a lecture of any kind, but rather some small things for all of us to consider.

We all desire to have good relationships. Ones that help, heal, and lift us up, rather than tear us down. So choose relationships that not only grow your own personal selves, but also the people you are in these relationships with. Don’t be toxic and don’t allow toxic people to surround you and bring down your soul. Make a good choice and fight for your health and your life.

Good luck to all the wonderful souls out there!

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Sweet Little Musings Jan 2019

sweet little musings cover art wordpress

ice cold hearts

often break apart

shattered by the frost

covered by the snow drifts

buried alive

often they do not survive

instead left to thrive

in a lonely world of ice

untouched by the sun

un-felt by the skin

never to melt again

the conflict lies

between the heart & mind

one chooses to believe

while the other deceives

both are strong

& powerfully bold

while one gets broken

the other gets choked

a constant battle it seems

leaving you torn at the seams

struggling to get through

this mess that is YOU

Be brave

Be strong


sometimes wrong

Be kind

Be true


dare to be you

Be helpful

Be forgiving

it will help

with living

Be sweet

Be sassy

& try to

keep laughing

Be sad

Be lonely

it is

a part of growing

Be wise

Be smart


we all fall apart

don’t say

you love my flaws

they only diminish

my cause

don’t say

you love my mistakes

they only make

me more fake

don’t say

you love forgiveness

it makes me

a false witness

don’t say

you love what i am

for it makes

this love a sham

i wrote you a letter

covered in tears & full of fears

i bore my heart with each mark

i ripped the edges

erased all the messes

corrected the errors

added in commas

edited my feelings

used flowery words for my meanings

until it was sheer perfection

& a false reflection

my wretched heart aches

while tears cover my face

i’ve said all i could say

so let’s now walk away

our story has been written

in the sands & the ocean

let the tide gather that love

& wash it away to another hub

let the water clear our footprints

& the salt seep into our wounds

poetry is an illness

of the heart & mind

poetry is the forgiveness

of all that’s gone behind

poetry is the gladness

of a happy soul

poetry is the sadness

of the one lost in toil

poetry is the meaning

missed by so many folks

poetry is the feeling

tossed aside by the yoke

love is

divine providence

they claim

a source of comfort

not one of fame

a place for your heart

& head to align

a calming presence

that does reside

they claim is it patient

& mostly kind

i call it a sickness

that drags you down

with the mighty tide

The fruit of our labors

hidden in a child’s eye

all the wants & desires

now grown into a man

all the toiling & suffering

stands before us now

a symbol of strength & love

since he was a child

now a happy adult

he makes his mom proud

as i watch him step forth

in a cap & gown

They call it progress

I call it loss

They say move on

I’m still stuck on a cross

They tell me don’t be sad

I tell Them I can’t help it

They tell me to smile

I cry instead

They tell me to let go

I cling to my heartache

They tell me They’re done

So I watch Them

Walk away

bright & sunny London

i stared upon the bridge

cool wind hitting my face

as i smiled like a kid

the large structure

looming over the river

was this the majestic construction

a song was made for

i laughed to myself

cause i was but

some silly tourist

London holds

a memorial for

a few lost souls

executed by an order

Anne & Jane

Robert & Catherine

their names

live on etched in

glass & stone

memory & tears

a living reminder

of old age fears

with many around

silence still abounds

as a tear i shed

for those names

i read

poetry is the song

my voice cannot sing

poetry are the words

that dare to live within

poetry is the rhyme

that keeps my life in time

poetry is the heart

that beats instinctively inside

poetry is a garbled mess

of my insane mind

set to a beat

anyone can find

Behind My Smile

lies a frightened girl

desperate to live

but afraid to love

i hide the pain

of this tortured soul

because the world

just cannot know

i fake happiness

to all those i see

they can’t understand it

so my smile gives them peace

planes, bridges & trains

i traversed them all for you

stood outside the door

waiting as i should

time ticked by in a flash

you never showed your face

just left me standing there alone

with tears streaming down my face

what a long way to go

just for a broken heart show

the pendulum swings

as my emotions give

way to the darkness of night

the sun shall creep up

& the stars shall hide

leaving me to decide

which turn

to take in my life

steal my breath

then take what’s left

swallow me whole

then let me know

how my soul tastes

as my heart unfolds

when i reach

the end of my days

let the world

be amazed

let the light

shine down

on my pale face

let the heavens cry

knowing i died

with no grace

let the oceans churn

as my body burns

& ash fills the sky

with the knowledge

of why

“There is no one left.”

She said in a soft breath.

“I am here.”

He said, hoping she’d take a chance.

the stars may shine

while the music is sublime

my heart seems to drown

in all this wasted time

He is no layover,

on the long flight

of my life.

He is my destination,

the place where my heart

shall lay still and quiet.

There is a time to move forward

There is a time to sit still

There is a time to jump ahead

There is a time to just chill

More importantly there is just time

Gather it, secure it

Feel it wash over you

But never forget

There is always a time to Move!

Women like me

do not move quickly.

We are not just

whimsical creatures

who swoon & crush.

We do not seek

only monetary things.

We strive for truth

& pray for peace.

We know our weakness

& display our meekness.

But inside we are sure

& our hearts are pure.

a pool of tears

whether happy or sad

can drown out the fears

that drive us mad

hidden within

those glistening things

lies the center

of our own beings

when the rains do pour

& tears wash to the shore

hearts get cleansed

while our souls do mend

we are all

damaged souls

this we do know

we try & then we fold

among the glitter & gold

we cover the scars

we bang against the bars

we struggle thru the storms

only to reach

the great pit of harm

broken, bloodied, bruised

our hearts can

& do survive thru

Love is

a prized Possession

Hearts will

fill & burst

Minds can

take a turn for the worse

While souls

can be taught

Love knows

when to come & go

& hearts get lost

in the snow & frost

Minds can do tricks

to fool the selfish

But Souls

bare witness

beginning to end

FEEL my words

Know that I am Real

Sing my melodies

& Know the earth turns still

Watch the progression

The up & downs of a wild Muse

Take your time

Notice the Rhyme

Breathe it in

& Exhibit the Sins

This is the Beat of a Heart

& it’s only just Started

i’ve been

a daughter

a sister

a mother

a wife

a best friend

a girl friend

an easy fuck

a hard woman

a sad girl

a happy one

a poet

a writer

a failed worker

i’ve been

everything everyone needs

then one day

i decided

i’d start being

the Girl

I Wanted to be

strip my walls

down to the studs

clean out the cobwebs

tear away the scars

drag out the old mortar

carry away the broken stones

stack up new ones

slather on the concrete

paying attention to each part

rebuild my expectations

form my new boundaries

show me what it’s like

to be loved

So many treasures

in this world

So many pleasures

to feel

So many hearts

to steal

So many memories

to fill

So many scars

to heal

So many things

to complete these needs

forgotten dreams

with so many meanings

just ripples in time

that go round & round

like some carousel

spinning through storms

& dancing in the rain

with reality pelting you

feeling like a snowstorm

when i close my eyes

you are all i see

the feel of your hands

on my skin

your hot breath

on my neck

your whispers live

in my head

as your love

fills my heart

and i know

you’ve stolen

all i am

all i was

along with my soul

and you sing

my song


hidden in her eyes

were the reflections

of the storms that raged inside

hidden in his eyes

were the fires

of the desires that quelled

all of the doubts

that made their hearts

scream and shout

I lived

on the dark side

of the moon.


your star

eclipsed my sun.

Then all the universe

turned into

a journey

of musical notes,

& we flew off

into outer space.

I gathered all the

pennies I could find.

I counted them out loud.

I hoped, wished, & prayed

that on this day

I’d finally find

the value  of my life.

raven hair

ice blue eyes

she’s nothing but

a wild surprise

seemingly calm

& such a lady

who knew

she curses like a sailor

don’t give her a chance

don’t bother to let her speak

just let her walk by

carrying the tide

She weaves a world

full of poetry & prose.

She’s a hurricane

swirling within a tornado.

She’s a witch, a magician,

a sweet angel hidden

within a demon.

She’s everything you want,

but nothing you need.

She’s all there is,

& all that

your love can’t see.

it’s everything

it’s nothing

it’s all the words

it’s none of them

it’s the stars & the moon

it’s the oceans & the lands

it’s the rain & the sun

it’s the meaning of us

it’s everything & the But’s

it’s all i am & all i was

it is just


let’s skim the skyline

trace the moon’s rim

dance with the stars

let’s get our fill

skirt Mars

head for Jupiter’s rings

cuddle on Pluto’s cold skin

then fall from the universe

we’ll search space’s infinite worlds

somewhere out there

we could live


Make my dreams….my reality.

Soothe my soul…with your sadness.

Feed my mind…with your melodies.

Sing my songs…with your heart’s treasures.

back then

you promised

& so did i

we said the words

we whispered the love

we promised a million years

& we meant it

from our hearts


we struggle to feel

missing time

losing the rhyme

grasping at tears

hiding all the fear

backing away

& from those promises

if you see beauty

within my words

i know that my voice

does not go unheard

feel me in

my stanzas & verbs

bathe in my light

even when

my darkness overshadows

know that my soul

holds no physical bounds

but rather

lives on in songs

push me away

just to pull me back

tear up my heart

only to fill it again

slice open my vein

just to stitch the wound

crush my soul

only to make it whole

collect more stones

so i can build my walls

make me over

so i can learn how

to lean on your shoulder

the beautiful mess

that lies in her head

spoke in separate phases

each took their time

although the bad

made her rhyme

while the good

just stood by

waiting for her clouds

to gather & cry

creating a rainbow

of distilled time

Push them closer

to push them away

Gather all their love

just to turn it sour

Reach for the stars

watch them plummet

to the earth

Smile instead of frown

your world crashes down

When you give the gift of love

and it’s rejected

When you think they’ll treasure it

and it just turns up to be neglected

Nothing could ever

hurt your heart better

*collaboration with Lillian Blaire

the car drives along

with a lost soul at the wheel

to nowhere in particular

just some place it doesn’t feel

passing the canyons of hope

& fields of sweet redemption

on to the desert

where it knows nothing is living

just a home for the empty

who are done giving

A NO,then a YES

each item

was ticked off the list.

The negotiation

had come to an end

&it was time well spent.

Each agreed to the terms.

Nothing left to do but earn

each kiss each touch

each scar was uncovered.

The decision had been made.

They were Both

here to stay.

can you teach me to love

can you teach me to grow

can you teach me

all those things

i am afraid to know

can you teach me to try

can you teach me how not to cry

can you teach me

all those things

i dare to hide

in my insides

when the sky wept

the sun did hide

lonely tear drops

flowed as she cried

boarding that train

then a plane

to the other side

she whispered to the wind

goodbye my love


hidden in her smile

it was just her style

to fake happiness

when she was only bereft

plastered across her face

she hid sadness with all grace

no one would know

no one could conceive

that her life was as fake

as the smile she makes

The forest clouded her skies

the leaves filled her mind

it was the winter of her life

so she sat still

and cried

she posed for the world

she masqueraded for her own soul

she danced to their music

never taking a step

to her own beat

she did as she was told

never making her life

her own world

she fit n the box

never dared to relax

then she gave up

never to know or live

her story

just theirs

His cruelty had no end.

She was broken,

bruised, & beaten,

but he persisted.

The slices & cuts

struck her down

to her gut.


he kept doing it.

He was rock & roll

She was classical

But when they met

They made each other

So instrumental

Drink in my scent

Fill my soul

Soothe the aches

Free your mind

Sooner or later

We’ll find

What we were lacking

All along

I’ll never forget

Only to recall

the look & the smell

the emotions & the falling

as my heart happily stopped

that minute you looked up

Give me a reason

Give me some semblance

Give me a place

Give me some space

Give me words

Give me more cuts

Give me a heart

Give me a home

Give me what

I’ve always wanted

on my knees


oh please

let my heart cease

let me find some peace

oh please

let my contrition speak

let my wounds no longer bleed

oh please

hear my weakness

soothe my sickness

oh please

ease my mind

let me find

a place to lay

my weary head

a home for my heart

the sizzle of a skillet

the drip drip of a buttered biscuit

the smell of sausage simmering

with a fresh aroma

of blessed coffee brewing

clanking of knives & forks

humming from the mouths

just a quiet morn

with breakfast &

the breaking dawn

When I grabbed

a hold of the ledge,

I knew I was merely one step

from my death.

I breathed in slow & deep,

my body aching

with such need.

I knew I was at my end

inches away

from some new beginning.

And I breathed, still.

below the surface

beneath the crush

a hand does rush

to grasp at the mud

lingering n the flood

not able to

reach for truth

but rather drown

in whats left

of the proof

a life not well lived

but only with struggle

until submerged

somewhere n the middle

Cake for birthdays

Cake for fun

Cake for weddings

Cake for funerals

Cake cake cake

even if you can’t bake

there’s some cake

to be had

enjoy the sponge

lick the frosting

even shove it

in ice cream

enjoy each calorie

as it goes down

A master of disasters,

some steady

but silent denier.

Her mind won’t let her,

but her heart dares her

to listen, to believe in

some fading fantasy

that may soon be

some true reality.

Love is blind

as everyone finds

hearts fall fast

leaping away

from the past

jumping into

a future



then broken

leaving us

looking like

a loser

windows into souls

& gateway to minds

time ticks away

like a solo bird flies

each whisper & breath

soaring into the wind

floating away

as space expands

way down deep

below the surface

where my heart sleeps

resistance is constantly met

fueling the fear in my head

spurring on the congestion

that floods with feelings

allowing the surface

to appear constantly serene

Her demeanor

Cool and calm

Her smile

Soft and sweet

But just beneath the surface

Rages another beast

One who is impatient

One who is not kind

A wicked cruel bitch

That will blow your mind

When she fell

she got up.

When she cried

she wiped away tears

on her own.

When she was broken

she glued herself

back together.

She was a woman

and not one day

came or went

without being

reminded of it.

She had fought hard

& still it was an

unexpected loss.

She had twisted

& turned herself

into tiny knots.

She had given up,

given in

& still carried

her own cross.

She had played

every part,

or so she had thought.

When nothing

was left,

she played her heart.

I don’t


some champion

or knight

to fight

my battles

for me.

I just want

someone to

touch me

in the places

where my



Spill the words

Slice the vein

Tear your heart open

Cause you’ll never know

What you’ll get

Could be ice

Could be right

Could be

One less lonely night

she had no doors

only broken windows

doused in gasoline

covered in fire

with a large moat

to swallow those

not worth her

signs all around

to warn off

all the tears

& frowns

no keys, no locks

only hardened deadbolts

She was the most

natural thing

you’d ever meet.

Her curves

earned through the years.

Her eyes clouded

with real fears.

Each scar could tell

you her story.

Her baggage,

only she would carry.

She was independent,

flawed, sassy,

and broken



full of love.

Come & walk with me.

Let’s lay this blanket

down beneath us.

Let’s enjoy the sun,

the birds & the sway of the trees.

Then let me

make a picnic

of your body.

And we will both see

how the earth feels.

He was the champion of broken hearts.

She was the queen of darkness.

Together, their melody reigned supreme.

love is like

a slip and slide

slow to start

but when all

friction is lost

it’s just

head first

until you land

and your heart

smashes on the

hard ground

say what you mean

mean what you say

speak it now

before it all goes away

time but ticks

& the seconds do click

for we all have

only so much of it

so say what you need

do with all God’s speed

don’t let a moment go

without letting them know


you’ve buried your soul

we live

we lose

we breathe

we bruise

we love

we die

in between

we cry

knowing why

we all say


say it TODAY

don’t wait

there may be

no more Tomorrows

there may be

no Tonight’s

so don’t give in

let out those words

say what you need

before they leave

and we are just

left to weep

it was easy

wasn’t it

just a few words

left unspoken

with all that

was unknown

the simplicity

of those words

& how we all

needed them

the definition

of what

lies within

of what

hides in our sins

& abides

in our skin

just those words

the ones

never heard

Her intentions

were not cruel,

but foolish.

How could she

hold all of this

in her empty shell?

More or less,

how would she

hide it from everyone,

even herself?

Truest meanings

mixed with

delicious inventions,

add time & you’ll see.

She’s falling apart

at her seams.

we were

just strangers

until words

spoke thru

the ages

we were

just two

lonely hearts

until that day

when our

souls met

like nothing

that has come before

like nothing

that i’ve ever known

like some sweet

melody of songs

your heart

plays the strings

of my soul

your mouth

sings the lyrics

of my mind

my love

you’ll always


worlds apart

but never

in our thoughts

the day will come

when there

will be no choice

but to succumb

to the beating

of our hearts

people ask me why

people don’t see me cry

they have no knowledge

they have no sight

people play games

people call me names

they haven’t learned

they haven’t yearned

people walk in a straight line

people dare to define

they haven’t ran off the rails

they haven’t had my travails

come sit closer

lean on my shoulder

let me rock you

let’s sit for one moment

there’s not much time

let us watch the world

as it races by

breathe with me

let me hear

your heart speak

to mine

just for this

one moment

in Our time

Sticky sweet

like some

cotton candy

Filled w/heat

like some old brandy

Salted with anger

like some stranger

Burnt like bacon

&there was no savor

each grew like weeds

fed the earth their seeds

none ever knew

what on this earth grew

as fire rained down

& silence was drowned

Way down deep

in that dark pit

where u hide

from the hate & spit

where there’s no light

& no 1 to call

somewhere u can just sit

& lick your wounds

bandage your cuts

heal your scars

rebuild your walls

where your demons thrive

& you think you’ll die


you survive

Music sings


well thought out


The strings

the notes

the words

somehow touch

on all those


That lingering melody

or that soft whispering.

Calls to a soul

& makes an eye

cry fowl.

Oh how it chimes

with the memories

of the mind.

It was never


devious intention.

I know that

I never


all of this.

I know you

have tried

your best.

I know We

never meant


fall in love.


here We are

with our eyes


in some stars.

And what

comes next

is just

a series

of tests.

go ahead

my darlin’

your day

has broken

your heart

but for now

go ahead

& sleep

don’t linger on

all those things

that make you weep

those things

that heap

let your mind

slow down

& rest

no worries now

find yourself

hidden in

your dreams

It was never

my intention

to love you,

but you know this

is more than

just some game.

Never did I imagine,

you would beg me

to stay.

But now that

the time has come,

I can’t turn back now.

Let me hold you


or at least,


our breaths run out.

sleep my sweet love

lay you head down now

don’t you weep

the night is your friend

let your demons not seep

enjoy the silence

bathe in moonlight’s radiance

close your eyes to the world

& enter your dreams

so your mind can live

Cold and wet.

Paperwork covers the desk.

Was it just deja vu all over again.


Just the beginning of another year.

Stuck in the same place as before.

When I can’t think

I sleep

When I can’t sleep

I dream

When I can’t dream

I scream

When I can’t scream

I bleed

Then I

Can finally


no more

crying myself to sleep

no more

hiding in dark corners for me

no more

losing my speech

no more

wishing for things that could be

no more i say

i just can’t take it

no more going back now

i have to stand & face it

i’ll be Your solace

& You’ll be my Redemption

You’ll be my Fire

& i’ll be Your temptation

i’ll be the beginning

because We Both Know

You’ll be my Only Ending


THAT’S how

the story goes…

He said he would

eat her heart

& possess her soul.

She said

she was something

he could

never hold.

what fevered bliss

is this?

a world wrapped up

in those mystic

hugs & kisses

as final thoughts

drift into new beginnings

the day breaks

on her End

never known

& mostly unheard

her ghost shivers

in the cold

a coffin of water

just food for the fishes

she whispers goodbye

to this world of vicious



Words for Fortune Cookies Jan 2019

words for fortune cookies cover art wordpress

There are moments

When I think

I have not the strength

To believe

So my heart weeps

With such knowledge

Until I

Can no longer breathe

you don’t need to SEE me to FEEL me

Writing is a survival tactic for my heart & soul.

It centers my mind, so I can let it all just go.

what good is a beautiful mind

when filled with this emptiness

that we all hide

loneliness is a state of mind

when looking for a cure

no one can seem to find

my heart aches with a pain i can’t shake

Love switched to hate when the monotony edged into the way.

words get lost

as the melancholy tossed

what was left of the love

that made them rise above

i will not be

who you wish

for me to be

as a child

my parents

never understood

as a parent

i read

my child

like a book

penny for your thoughts


my emotions cost

more than any


of money

You always sit alone

when you sit on a throne.

Time does tick

as the silence

grows thick.

What I want

is of no


What I need

is for my soul

to feed.

dreams are like fairy tales that only end when you begin to awaken

With no breaths left to breathe, my soul finally found ease.

Because of your fear, you couldn’t see my tears.

I waited for you like a fly stuck in glue.

a Princess merely dreams of a crown


a Queen has the strength to carry one

There was

a moment

in life

when my heart

touched your


It was

but one moment,

just a fraction

of time

in the space

of a life.

poetry is

my heart’s emotions

music is

my soul’s songs

Love is never enough

it only makes us

wish & dream

of what will never become

Many can say they love you but few will actually prove it.

Sometimes trusting the wrong person can lead to trusting no one.

When there’s nothing let to say, it’s time to walk away.

The twist to her ending

was the fact that

it was just her beginning.

We all talk, sometimes too much.

We all love, sometimes never enough.

We all live, although we struggle.

We all hate, although we don’t realize it.

Be a shoulder to lean on

when she’s standing alone.

The turning point was when the words stopped and the bodies collided.

Staring into your abyss is my kind of bliss.

IF they Want you

IF they Need you

they WILL

make the Time

put forth the Effort

and Prove it.

With each tear I cry our love dies.

It ain’t love

When you would

Sacrifice all

Just to realize

They wouldn’t

Could’s may never be Should’s

Should’s might never become Would’s

You can’t figure her out when she’s still a puzzle to herself.

It was her intent to be lost to everyone.

It was his intent to keep finding her, until she was done.

She had given all she had to give.

Now she walks away

with her heart bleeding

like a sieve.

eat my pain

inhale my lust

devour each piece

until i am dust

His hand on my cheek

makes my knees weak.

if i had a million lifetimes

they would all belong to you


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clock image bw


-Time is a trick

Time has no value

Time is limitless

Time is limited

Time is what we waste

Time is what we save

Time is what gets lost

Time is why we fought

Time is what we give

Time is what we get

Time is how we win

Time is how we forget

Use it


Lose it-


Ah, time…the ultimate sticking point for so many couples, so many friends, and hell, what are families complain about all the…time. Hmm. Well, we all know our lives are made up of that never ceasing, never slowing thing called TIME. We fight and we struggle in between making more of it or wasting it away. But in truth, time marches on and on, without a care for what we do with it. We are all given only so much time, and we stress on how to spend it and who to spend it with. Hence the reason for so many self-help time savers this world seems to be so completely obsessed with. Yes time is important. But even more important is what we chose to do with it. How we chose to spend the time we have and how to balance that time with the people we love and the things we love to do.

So how…how do we make the short time with the people we love more than just quantity time but Quality Time?

Connections and attention, I believe. What do I mean? Well, you need to form a connection with someone and that takes time. You need to pay attention to what they are saying AND what they are not saying. You’ve got to learn to read the people you love AND read into their actions and body language.

Connections take time, along with a load of other things. Some connections may be formed quickly, depending on many different factors, but others take a huge amount of time. I believe this usually depends on the individual. Each individual has been formed not only by their inherent abilities, but also by their environment. Although most believe that we all start with a clean slate, in some cases this is just not true. In other cases, experiences and people in their past have helped to shape them into being the people you see sitting next to you or across the room.  Fact is, when two or more people chose to form relationships, there will be hiccups and hurt feelings. These things are overcome mostly by a connection we have formed or chose to continue having. The strength of this connection can be related to time spent together along with other things. Either way, it is our connections that make the relationship.

Connections that take time can be the strongest or weakest connections to make. Just because you use or put your time into making a connection, doesn’t make it sustainable. Some of the connections we form last most of our lives and yet, they are not the healthiest connections we have. Some connections are made over a few similar incidents or experiences in life, and can last for only a short time but make the biggest impact on us. So again, time is useful, yet illusive. There is no one theory on why we make the connections with people we do. It’s the old saying…when you know…you know. Instinctively when you meet someone you either connect or you don’t.  Now whether this connection is real or temporary, you just don’t know until it has stood the test of time. Again, time is the ultimate judge.

For my purpose here, rather than wading into the weeds, is to suggest a few ways to make or reinforce these connections by using your time wisely.

  1. It takes less than one minute, on the average phone, to open a DM box or text message box and send a hello, a hug, or a heart, or ANYTHING that shows you care. Something to say, Hey you! I’m thinking about you. This is simple yet so effective. It can make someone smile or make them stop for just a few seconds and be reminded they are not alone in this world. The fact you took less than a minute to think of someone else, will mean so much more to the person you send it to. Who’s to say that at that moment, or even hours later, they really needed that reminder? A reminder that they are not alone and someone in this universe thought of them, even if only for one minute. That message may save someone’s sanity or even their life. Either way, you’ll make the most of your time by reaching out and making that connection.
  2. A decent kiss lasts for several moments, but have you thought to really…REALLY…make eye contact when before or after you kiss? Take that 30 seconds, look them in the eyes and speak to them on a soulful level. Show them you are focused on them. They will realize that in that moment, one that could last a lifetime in their memory that you are with them in mind, body, and spirit.
  3. Don’t just say things. Don’t just speak the words. When you say some as simple as hello, again take an extra, even short, space of time to connect with them. Words come and go. Some people mean them, some don’t. When you take a moment to make sure the other person HEARS you, and believes you mean what you are saying, you’d be amazed how much of a connection that can make. Take the extra little time, and it will make anything you say much more effective.
  4. Take a moment the next time you hug someone. Just a moment, squeeze them gently. Make them feel you showing your love. Stop and just hold them for one more second. Time will not stop ticking, but the connection and the feeling you show will make all the difference.
  5. If you think of them, tell them. If you are thinking of them, make that call, write that text, and never ever take for granted that they are on your mind. Again, you never know what that person is dealing with at any given moment; why not tell them even for just a few seconds, that you are thinking of them.
  6. Give someone a smile. It takes little to no energy at all. It takes almost no time in the span of your life why not share that? You could easily make a connection with someone with a nice smile. More times than not, they’ll smile back.

It all goes back to connections. That takes time. If you spend a small amount of time developing a connection, you’ll get what you put in and maybe even more than you would ever expect. Try it and see. What do you have to lose?

Attention…we all fail at this at times. But connections get formed when we feel someone is paying attention to our feelings, words, thoughts, anything we care to share with them. If someone is being ignored, or has the feeling of being ignored the connection gets broken pretty quickly.

People lash out differently when they feel they are being ignored. Some clam up, some will get angry and not say a word, while others will blow up and share all their anger. Everyone is going to react differently, that’s guaranteed. But if you take the time to listen and observe them, then you will make them feel they are being heard and understood. When someone feels heard and understood the connection grows stronger. And connections should grow in relationships, not weaken. When one person feels ignored then the relationship will break down, one way or another.

  1. Eye contact. Maintain eye contact when they are discussing something distressing. No one is saying you need to stare them down at every moment of every day or the entire time you are with them. But eye contact is so important. Volumes are spoken with the eyes. As many have said, the eyes are where our souls live; they are our internal reflections. So sure you can know someone without seeing them, but you can see much more when you are looking at them in the eye. Things are harder to hide when eye to eye. So spend some time looking and focusing on that person. Show them you want to understand, that you are listening, and more than that, show them you are HEARING them as they speak, especially when speaking on a subject that is clearly important for them. It will give you insight and strengthen the connection you are trying to make.
  2. If you don’t understand, ask questions. If you don’t clearly get their emotions are feelings, take that time to find out more. If you can’t understand what they are talking about, then how can you react honestly? If there is miscommunication, time and patience can fix that. You need to pay attention to what’s being said, and take the time to see if from their perspective. People are not going to agree on everything. That is next to impossible. But if you want the connection and want to learn about this person, you’ve got to give them your attention. If they bore you, it’s time to walk away.
  3. Sometimes you need to be silent. Only when we are silent, do we really truly hear someone. Take the moment to take in their body language, take in their words, and understand what they are relaying to you. In this time, you can usually figure out whether you are hearing bullshit or something real.
  4. If you are taking your time and giving attention then make sure they know it. Don’t answer with the normal lines. Don’t tell them that just sucks. Don’t tell them oh great. Have an honest response and if you don’t know how to respond, say that. It will come off as honest and show them that you did listen. It also clues that person into what you are able to verbalize and what you can’t. That is also another way to build a connection.

You need to learn about the person you are in a relationship with and that takes attention. Notice them. Notice what they do when they are nervous. Notice how they react when they are angry. Notice what they look like when they are happy or sad. These things will clue you into how to comfort or soothe them, as well as celebrate and make them laugh. All of it is important when building the relationship, and keeping a good relationship going.

Good relationships take time. You need to make connections, keep those connections going, and that takes time and attention. Take the time if you care. Give the attention if you want that relationship to grow. Either way, you learn about yourself, and you learn about the other person. And learning is growing. Learning is living.


PLEASE feel free to comment! If you feel I have missed the mark or left something out, tell me. We are all in this together. We all grow at different speeds and variances. If you feel you have something to say, please share it. I will give my TIME and ATTENTION and hopefully, I’ll understand too.

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5 Minutes

kneeling head down

“I’m five minutes away. Are you ready?”

“And what if I say I am not?”

“I’d say get ready, and fast.”

“Ok, if you say so.”

“I do. Are you wearing what I asked you to wear?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll be inspecting you, from head to toe, when I arrive. Do not have a piece out of place, please.”

“Aye, aye Sir.”

He laughs before responding. “Good Girl.”

Precisely five minutes later, he’s at the door. He lets himself in and she’s on her knees with her head bowed; eyes on the floor. He drops his jacket on the chair before stalking over to her.

She sees his black leather shoes and knows exactly what to do when he clears his throat. They’ve been here before. She doesn’t need point by point instructions, anymore. She moves her small hands from her knees to untie each shoe, removing them before placing them aside on the floor.

“Good Girl.”

She bites back a smile until she hears the slow sound of his leather belt being pulled from his pants. NOW, it was all business. Her heart begins to pound as her stomach does flips. Thank goodness she had eaten hours ago, just like he had instructed.

He doesn’t move, allowing the anticipation to build. He would test her today and push her to the edge of her limits. He smiles while looking at her reverent form. She was His Good Girl, of that he was so sure of. He collapses his belt in one hand while the other reaches for her cheek.

She waits for him to stretch her neck up before moving her eyes to his. She could see the lust pouring out of him; the darkness in his eyes captivating her, as it always does. She sucks in a breath as he leans down to kiss her so gently on the lips. As her heart melts, he slips the belt around her neck, pulling it tightly in one movement.

Her eyes never move from his, and he admires her strength. Her submission had been one of his greatest achievements. Now it was time to reap the rewards of all their hard work. “Open up.”

Her mouth opens wide, then her legs. She was completely bare; her skin, her soul, and her heart.

“One finger. Show me how wet you are for me.”

His voice swept through her and she has not even one ounce of doubt as she does as he bids. She slips one finger into her soft pussy, already slick with want, pulling it out then lifting it up to him.

He leans over taking the finger into his mouth and sucking lightly.  A faint moan echoes through the room, forcing her to bite her lip. Her salty taste on his tongue and lips only proves to make him harder than he was when he walked in. “So good.” He reaches for his zipper and her eyes widen, only causing him to smile.

She glances at his length, sturdy and hard, before dragging her eyes up to his. With one tug on the belt she’s face to face with his cock. She pushes her tongue out, licking from the base all the way up to the tip, then sliding her lips around it. She slides her tongue down the side, allowing her saliva to coat him. She breathes in his manly scent until she’s drunk on him, and it’s only just started. She works her tongue up back to the tip, before dragging it slowly down the other side of his length.  But, this time when she reaches the tip, he grabs her hair stopping her until her eyes meet his again.

He loved it when she savored him. She was good at it he had to admit; slow, soft, and purposeful. He knew she loved to drive him to the edge of his control, but today, he would make sure she swallows him whole. His hand grasps her hair firmly with one hand, while scraping a nail on her cheek with the other. He makes her wait until she’s breathless before sliding his cock into her mouth. He pushes in slowly, allowing her to adjust to his full length before touching the very back of her throat. He stops there, holding her tightly as her hands grasp for his thighs.

Her nails scrap at the material of his pants. Her mind reminds her to hold very still. He would move her when he wanted to, and until then, it was her job to take all he could give at any moment. She feels the sting of her scalp as his hand pulls his cock slowly from his mouth. Salvia drips down her chin; she gasps a few quicks breaths while staring at him. His mouth is open and that only makes her want more.

He pushes her mouth back onto his cock, using his grip in her hair to work her mouth on his thick length. He leans into her mouth; pushing every inch in as far as he can go. One hand leaves her cheek reaching for the belt. He pulls hard but steady, constricting her throat as he works his cock in and out of her delicious mouth. Each time he pulls out, he’s rewarded with a loud gasp. Each time he goes further, he leans his head back diving into his own pleasure.

She can feel him cutting off her air with every push, and she does not fight it. She knows he is enjoying it as much as she is. Her mouth caresses each ridge as she drinks in his taste. He tightens the belt and her eyes flutter. She’s close to subspace and she loves how he knows just how to get her there.

He teases her for several minutes, allowing her saliva to coat his cock well. She’s breathless when he pulls away, tugging the belt when he moves. He watches her follow him, still on her knees, as he leads her to the bed.

“Stand up. Lean over the bed.”

Her heart is racing, the belt still tight around her neck. She moves as he says, leaning her body over the bed. Her ass is exposed and she knows what comes next. But he makes her wait. She can’t see him, but hears the rustling of his clothes as he moves around the room. Goosebumps begin to form as suddenly she feels cold. A hand on her ass cheek changes that quickly. One smack and her skin is alight. A soft kiss follows and she can’t help but moan at his gentle touch. Another smack lands on the opposite cheek, turning her face bright red as the temperature inside her body begins to come to the surface. She gives him another low moan when he kisses the burning cheek.

He smiles down at her, eager to turn her pale skin pink. Another swat, followed by another and he watches her body relax to absorb the sensations of sweet pain. He pushes a finger inside her hot wet hole, working it in and out as his other hand moves against her skin, over and over. When he’s pleased with the marks of his handprints on her skin, he pushes two fingers in to work the silky skin. At this point she is visibly dripping with desire. He tugs the belt again lifting her up from the bed. Once she is on her feet, he allows her to lean into him while he places soft kisses on her forehead, her cheeks, and finally on her lips.

She pushes up on her toes to taste all of him; their tongues swirling, licking, and dancing together in a hot kiss. She can feel his hard cock on her belly, poking into her skin. Her skin is on fire, her throat tight from more than just the belt. She wraps her arms around his neck, as he slides his hands around her back and down to her ass. She squeaks into his mouth as he lifts her.

He drops her to the bed and covers her quickly. Their mouths crash for another long kiss. He leans back, grasping the belt tightly before pushing his cock into her. His eyes light up when she opens her mouth. He slides out slowly before pushing in again roughly. He tugs at the belt as his thrusts begin to speed up, each time pushing further and further into her. Her muscles automatically grab and suckle his cock each time he enters. Beads of sweat gather on his forehead, dropping to her sweet pale skin. He thrusts in hard before licking the sweat off her large breast. He takes a nipple into his mouth, sucking in hard before working his tongue around the taut tip, biting it before releasing. A slow retreat of his length leads to another hard thrust and a tug of the belt.

She’s breathless and on edge. Her mind is frying while her breaths are quick and shallow. She can’t help but feel him everywhere, all over her. She barely can open her eyes just to meet his. She’s in deep and they both know it. She leans up as he pulls at the belt again; her mouth opens as he thrusts into her over and over, picking up the pace into a rapid motion. She feels the nerves in her back begin to tingle, the warmth in her stomach rising to a slow burn.  She’s close and he lets go of the belt.

With quick motions he removes the belt from her throat, replacing it with his hand. He pushes in and out, working until the friction is overwhelming. He squeezes her throat as they both crash into orgasm. His body stiffens against hers as he unloads his seed into her warm body. He releases her neck as his strokes slow to a languid pace. He is as breathless as she is but captures her mouth again to match his licks to his movements.

The smell of sex hangs in the air as the two recover their breaths.

His kisses her forehead, then her cheeks, working down to her neck. He smiles as she moans softly in between breaths. He slides his arms around her before rolling over onto the bed. He pushes her hair out of her face while situating her on his chest. He leans down to kiss her forehead one more time before whispering. “My Good Girl.”

She smiles against his chest bringing one arm up to his neck, softly stroking the hair. “Thank you My Sir.”