Oil & Water

shimmering waters woman

oil & water, blood & tears

which one

makes those shimmering waters

is it her love, her fear

or just her colors showing

with some wear


is it her compassion, her expression

her silence or her sadness

what makes her

suffocate through this mess


is it her beauty

not even skin deep

is it her loyalty, raw honesty

or just her true heart


is it her light

or her dark sins

maybe the chaos

that reigns supreme

is that what brings you in


do you dare name it

do you dare attain it

will she accept it


her chaos, her storms

only feed her norms

drowning, she always is

overcome with the awful silence

blending in with the gray hum drum

barely sharing her sun

she hides herself among the mud

clinging to any hope she could


she treads the waters

barely staying above

the dire mire she’s in

holding steady

holding tight

just wanting to join

the sweet light


the watery heaven

shall swallow her soon

her fight will be over

no longer to shimmer

in anyone’s water

no longer bathing

in her own dark sins

but instead

lost somewhere

on her way

to Redemption


Every Tear Drop

Ulyana blue eye beauty

Image by Ulyana


Every tear drop

a memory

a piece of love

a shard of a heart


Every tear drop

a lost thought

more unspoken words

bricks & walls


Every tear drop

another day lost

another step not taken

another hope found false


Every tear drop

a lost promise

a moment of consciousness

restoring sight


Every tear drop

another night

cold in bed

just wanting arms

to just be there


Every tear drop

another scribble blotted

on long thin paper

another chapter

to finish

another book

to put away

& shut close


Every tear drop

some lost & faded

pictures, images

words left in the open

meanings buried down

deeper than any ocean


Every tear drop

they fall like floods

they drip like blood

they force issues

they command silence


Every tear drop

within itself

holds a future

that will never be Known

as the tear dries

it burns

it scars

it may heal on the Surface

but one more heart ache

will Rip it Open

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One Moment, One Second

kissing drawing her hand on his cheek

my hand, your cheek

your lips swallowing me

kiss me and make me believe

just make it an eternity

give me a memory

something to sleep with

cause I know, after this

I’ll be destroyed, really


But I choose it

even if, but once

just a second

just a moment

a memory

to last me

for a lifetime

I could remember that one time

when I was myself


just one kiss, oh please

so I can remember

that for at least

one moment

my breath was stolen

that for just a fraction of time

my heart was yours

and yours was mine


just that glimmer of emotion

something passed devotion

that gives my memory some hope

maybe just maybe

I can hold

this one kiss

close to my breast

and never forget

for that one minor kiss

one tiny moment

I was where

I should have been


for a brief spark

ignited by that kiss

my lifetime of work

lingered within it

the culmination

of what I had strived for

had been completed

I had learned the lessons

did the research

now I’ve reaped the reward

the moment is Over


the memory planted

but the time has stolen it

that sacred kiss

what was found

in that one moment

fleeting the seconds may be

like sands in the hourglass

there is no way back

once here, now gone

the warmth of the kiss

the glow from below

the sting of the blow


moments are gone

memories do fade

but never the second

that moment

that i slaved


crawling, kneeling, begging

for release

once i found it

i had already committed it

to my memory


the feeling may fade

but those words

those images Do Not

they live within my heart

burning bright

reminding me of a time

when i was Alright

when the seas had parted

when the rains had stopped

a time when for just one second

i was at peace

i was clean

i was who & what

i was meant to be


memory remains

when time fades

either way

i’ll Always have

my one second

my one moment

my memory of that kiss

that teased bliss

it’ll get me through

all the monotony

i’ll dream of it

i’ll feast in the depths

of what coulda’, shoulda’

but never did

and that will be

the moment i keep

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Truly Madly

hes kissing her forehead black white drawing


Truly Madly

You are the one for me

made as two pieces

but we fit together Perfectly

may be tarnished a bit

a little bruised and battered

but our scars match

and that’s what

really matters


Madly Truly

in this World of Ours

Fate gives

and then takes

it gave me you

when I most needed it

a taste of heaven

a taste of pain

then Fate takes you away



Truly Madly

Our hearts will never part

not really

our souls know

one another

That connection

That bond

can and will

Never be broken

though time, space, Fate

may separate us

we shall know

This again


Madly Truly

My heart, my mind

are lost without you

you are my place

you are my home

how can I survive so far

from you?


Truly Madly

I’ll never be that far

that you will not Feel me

my heart

is yours

Forever Truly

never feel far

never feel it is Over

it is but a Pause

we are forced into

but just for the

time being


Madly Truly

My eyes, my heart, my mind

cries for you, for me, for We

how can we manage

how do we survive

tell me



Truly Madly

My Sweet Baby Girl

we are Strong

we are Survivors

no one shall take Us down

Not even the sands of time

a Pause, a pittance

a moment

that will span

for what Seems

like eternity

But have faith

have hope

a brighter light

awaits for us both

once we complete

our separate journeys

We shall reunite

and burn

brighter than before


Madly Truly

oh say We will

promise me now

that once Fate has had her fill

you’ll come back

We’ll hit play again

and Our pieces will blend into one

that you’ll always be here

when I need you

say it please

that one day

We’ll get to Be again

Don’t let Fate steal you

from me

Remember where your heart


if you say it

then it will be so

I have no choice

but to believe you

now say it to me

prove it will be true


Truly Madly

My dear sweet

Baby Girl

know it now

forever feel my arms

around you

hear my words

and know they are true

my heart and yours

will always be within you

when you feel alone at night

just close your eyes

I’ll be with you

When your tears flow like a river

wipe them away

knowing it is I

who does so

when the world crashes around you

know I am in your soul

I can always center you

think of me

and remember and know

my mind

my heart

my soul

my body

will never forget yours

not for one second

one moment

one laugh

one cry

you will forever abide

within me

and that is

Madly and Truly


What Drew You

blk white art drawing woman sad

was it her beauty

or was it her sadness

what drew you to her

what brought your soul

to hers


was it to watch her cry

was it to teach her to fly


did you need to fix it, fix her

did you want to mend it all

no matter what


was it her eyes

that drew you in

or was it just

that sad look


soft & feminine

stubborn & hard

she melts, fades away

in her own little world


where words have no meaning

the wind doesn’t speak

melodies don’t dance on rainbows

not when life is just

black and white


the ashes of her soul

painted on her cheeks

blood from her heart

marking her lips, her teeth

she’s…picture perfect


something you can mold

something you can hold

something that won’t fold

something so rare

you would swear

you’ve never seen it before


so what was it

dear poet

what was the defining thing

what was it

you wrote

what were the words spoken

how did you get such an angel

to trade heaven

for hell


always inspired by music


The Fall

woman falling drawing

you Knew it

you Felt it

long time ago

you saw the Hole

& you Chose it


you Stepped in it


you knew It would

make you Tumble

make you Crumble


it would be an Ocean

of Trouble

waiting to Carry you in

Sinking in deep

dragging you Sleeplessly

into the undertow


it made you Sway

it made you Fall

it made you Jump

into the Depths

of your Soul


you didn’t Fight it

No, Why do that

instead you Chose

the lesser lit Path


dangerous Pitfalls await

but one night

you Sealed your fate

promises made

have to be

promises Kept

else that little death

will all be Nothing


& that Cannot be

you see

Sacrifice must come

with some Reward

with Service

there must be Respect

an Equal

Give & Take


one cannot Choose

to keep Silent

while falling into the Pit

where is that Black Hole

that Dark Demon

that Swallows your screams

left to leap, to plunge

down that long run

that long tunnel

dark, damp, deep

with raging waters


you’ll sink….so gladly

let it swallow, seep, destroy & reap

let you fall into your little deaths

that plague your mind

let it consume, devour

& Always tower

above you, around you

surrounding you with darkness

with comfort


with the fall, the death

let your soul slumber

let it feel freedom

from within

bursting through

the conventional skin

let your scars, your marks, your sins

be released into infinity

let all go, be at peace, don’t fight

let the night, the holes, the demons

take you in flight

just let go

& jump

as always inspired by music


She’ll Wait


Image by John Alexander White

she’ll wait

until the sun fades

the clock ticks

time passes

with a shroud

of doubt

captured on her face


the soft dusk light

dances across her dress

made up for him

ready & waiting

for hours on end


she’s stared

through the windows since

first word from him

she’s grinned & bared it

further allowing silence

to fill the void

echoes from the mind

that ride along the rim

doubts that spout

evil thoughts about


words left unspoken

sins you dare not

atone for

chances you didn’t take

but when the big one came…


she’ll wait, patiently, politely

dressed in her finery

no food, no drink

she dare not spill one bit

she must feel & be Perfect

just cause…what if


what if it wasn’t a lie

what if the message was clear

what if It was Right There

her mind wanders

as the devils play

pulling each string

making her Feel again & again


she had heard it before

the stories, the tales

the ones who broke them

making the pain

stronger & stronger

feeling their anger

transposed onto her


cause if it happened to them

why couldn’t, why wouldn’t

happen again

like before, and

the times before that

all those times

she had tried

she had waited

she had provided

just to be spurned

& put aside


the soft light

barely warms her face

her body turns cold

as her heart starts to close

she’s done what she should

she’s given her best


just sometimes

at some point

it’s just too late

but still

she waits