running paint face woman

All these years

Silent as can be

Her words

Never spoken

Cause when they were

They were just



They speak about her

Like she wasn’t there

She’s just some ghost

Standing still

Until she fades

Into thin air

Wasting away

Right in front of them

Like nobody cares


Her actions mis-placed

Her words mis-read

Her motives mis-known

Her shadows always growing

Her disappointment

Always there smoldering

But still

She is silent


She’s watches

As they come & they go

No one seeing

No one ever knowing

Never touching

Never glowing

So silent now

She’s frozen


Walking alone

The long path ahead

With the fog lifting

Only for some sight

A mere dim light

Somewhere through

All this dark times

Somehow some way

She’ll fight

Tomorrow & today


She dreams of a time

When her words

Are no longer silent

We she no longer

Stands still

When she choses

To stop waiting as if

Lying dormant

Like some vaccine or pill

Ready to inoculate

What holds her still


When she knows

There is no Tomorrow

There is no Today

There is no Other Way

But the path

So she stays


But when the night

It too dark for her plight

When the stars don’t shine

When those words

No longer rhyme

When it’s time

For a change

When it’s time

For a break

She takes but a moment

She takes but a breath


Before moving her feet

Dragging it through the heap

That baggage is

So damn heavy

Her heart so well buried

She’ll move that is a given

Slowly but surely

She’ll reach her shore

& she’ll smile






I’m a walking contradiction.

I’m a waking dream.

I’m a million people if you can believe.

I’m nothing like you’ve known.

I’m just a little worn.

I’m not your average woman.

I’m not talking a dime a dozen.

I’m a fighter that’s full of fire.

I’m the breeze that moves the trees.

I’m the dim light, in your foggy night.

I’m the shadow, to your light.

I’m the nightmare’s worst fright.

I’m the bitch, who lays dormant inside.

I’m the lady who speaks polite.

I’m the child who needs some guidance.

I’m the adult who craves new environments.

I’m the thorns & the petals.

I’m the storm of your desires.

I’m all the stars in the galaxies.

I’m the worst at realities.

I’m the reason it sometimes fails.

I’m the solution to the day’s travails.

I’m the feather that tickles your fancy.

I’m the hard weather we all have to suffer.

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With or Without You

With or without you

I struggle to get through

With or without you

I face the darkness too

With or without you

I seek the madness that brews


With or without you

Pictures lose clarity & focus

With or without you

Words have No showcase

With or without you

The winds do Howl


With or without you

The time does Fly by

With or without you

My mouth runs Dry

With or without you

Storms never Cease

With or without you

I Force myself to believe


With or without you

I’ll find Refuge

With or without you

I’ll cling to what Used To…

With or without you

I’ll still Strive to be better

With or without you

I’ll keep my head high

in Any Weather


With or without you

No one will Know I cry

With or without you

I know I’ve Tried

With or without you

I’ll Live

While I Die


Words for Fortune Cookies

words for fortune cookies cover art wordpress

Don’t bleed me dry, unless you take the demons inside.

I don’t want you to show me your pride. I want to see what’s inside.

Silence is Not Golden. It only allows the fear to grow.

The Death of the Past was the Birth of the Future.

You can’t beg them to be there. You can’t plead for them to care.

I cannot stand still. Not for anyone, not even Myself.

The past is the only thing I want behind me.

Lies and truth…who is to say which is who?


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Tacky Little Tweets

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don’t be fascinated

don’t be impressed

that don’t mean shit


don’t tell me i’m pretty

don’t tell me i’m smart

please…i’ve heard it all


don’t bother lying

i can see right thru it

don’t bother crying

i don’t believe it


best you walk on by

before you know

what hits ya

If you don’t appreciate my words, you can move along, at any time.

His voice rich & thick. His rough skin was holding silk.

His smile is pure magic. But his heart was her #ticket.

An exchange set to be made. A cut ready for the blade.

Misty eyes and lusty cries.

His rugged hands skate across my skin, as I breathe deeply in. My muscles shake & quiver as his fingers reach the curve of my hips. Suck in a hiss and he dots the wax along the crevice. Stinging pain, a melting brain, what has happened to my soul?

her sweet skin

her sultry scent

she was a force

to be reckoned with


soft & hard

wicked & kind

she is of

her own mind


her battles

fought methodically

her worries

encased in #skin

her desires

smothered in sin


and there’s no way

she won’t win

I talk slow, with a southern drawl. I look sweet, maybe ya wanna pity me. I am polite, just as sweet as cherry pie. I am humble, sometimes I mumble. I’ve got a heart of gold, but for those I love. I’ll crack a joke, or some naughty prose. Most of all, I’m human though.

She sucked in a small breath, before swallowing hard. She knew what was coming, but somehow still felt so scared. Her teeth chattered lightly, as he moved in ready to devour her like some meal.

the clink of chains

the huffs of hot breaths

the pouring sweat

the red faces

the sound of whispers

the resounding pleas

the kisses searing skin

no ego, no pride

in this imagery

just eternal devotion

stuck to the sheets

No time for maybes.

No time for complaints.

No time for possibly’s.

No time for i just can’t.


your dance

with sin

begins when

on your knees

He took her in his arms. He placed his hand on her cheek. He leaned in & whispered. Shivers broke out, racing down her spine. “You’re an angel to some, & maybe queen to others, but tonight, you’ll be my whore & you’ll forget all the ones from before.”

That hunger

that pain

That need

that feeds

That surge

along with

the purge

those tears

that cleanse

a soul

ripping at scars

that keep bleeding

that greed

those seeds

tread so lightly

right before

you feast

on me

He held the knife.

She begged & she pleaded.

Make the cut.

Release my demons.

I want to smother your senses, while warming your skin.

hurry up move along

slow down but don’t

fall behind

pick up the pace

& put a smile

on that face

NO not now

not the time

or place

do this do that

go here don’t talk back

cross the ankles

not the knees

don’t you know that

& say please

God Damn

what are they teaching me?

It was no ordinary

fairy tale or story.

It was a roller coaster

hot & heavy.

It was a flood

of raw emotions.

It was a Need,

a Given Devotion.

No weddings, no churches needed.

Just kneel before Him

& all Sins

Will be


That old woman

hiding in the shoe

she isn’t as old

as they would have you believe

she didn’t have so many kids

or children to feed

she just had a rotating door

with a smashing soul

no one could stay away

so they gathered with her

to stay

Oh what a sweet

little innocent thing

is she

Oh that Snow White

bit that apple


did it bite her

Lost in a sleep

where anything

can be

Lost in a fantasy

as sweet as the apple

you see

She dreamed of

so many

She dreamed of

such luck.

To be stuck

To be Plucked

She had swallowed the porridge.

She had taken a nap.

But when the three bears showed up, she had to snap.

For they did not want to give punishment.

They only wanted her flesh.

So Goldilocks learned her lesson that day.

How to make it thru a 4 way!

Don’t call me at all, if you can’t call me Yours.



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Sweet Little Musings

sweet little musings cover art wordpress

lonely, sad, weeping

does the quiet one sit

on a pile of nails

made especially to fit

her large stature

now made small & weak

she’s humbled beyond

anyone’s peak

she cries for naught

cause nothing will change

she is a slave

in the governor’s chains

i threw

those roses

away today


they just

reminded me

of you

and all

those words

you said

take my sight

so my eyes won’t lie

take my hands

so i can’t reach out

your hand on my neck

to remind me of the breaths

your blade to my chest

to make my heart beat

you take control

cause my will

is just a fool

just a Hell

to choose

i heard that

felt the light breeze

sweep across my cheek

as soft as a rose

but it was your lips

i suppose

for the energy

the lightning

maybe from the sea

it made me

Feel you

right next to me

a tear fell

when i turned to see

you had left me

as quickly

as you had

stolen me

let the breeze

wash away the misery

let the rain

wash away the sin

let the clouds

block the sun

but let my skin burn

when the sun forces

its way out

let me dream

of a better day

let me wish

for you to come

& stay

i’ll keep praying

for the solution

to the problem

just grant me the time

those words you hear

year after….long year

they are but the demons

you fear

they come to

gnaw, grab, & rip

at you

pay no mind

to schemes of the brain

demons lie too

choose your reflection

accept it

slay your own demons

til they are but YOUR minions

with the past away

you forge ahead

into the cold gray

wings appear

along with a halo

tarnished, scratched & dull

but that freedom

you clearly see

a door open

for an escapee

into your world of imagination

truly to live unencumbered

the masks never numbered

images are worth words

words are worth souls

souls carry hearts

& hearts are made to be lost

bodies merely give

what the heart receives

but the soul

you can see

takes a world

to appease

be my universe

plant that seed

of love

with you & me

if you would

just for a moment

look at me

like you do with she

& make me believe

the dream i see

was only the

reflection of me

i take responsibility

for the storm ahead

is but full of memories

of this&that

shards that cause cuts

images that go black

all now of no consequence

only the makeup

of a hunger

that can not be quenched

just a flood

only emotions

to run through

until you have

full view

wash her down

with your words

touch those places

never seen or heard

pull those strings

fill her with those things

she dares not speak of

drag, claw, reach

her truth

who she is

what she wants

who you can make her be

do that

reach out

the hand that leads

always remember

with a true woman

of great intelligence

and wit

she will always

show you

exactly what

she wants you

to see

not a drop more

not a drop less

she is a confused mess

with beauty of brains

no one can ever


it was a dream

that idea…of you & me

it was but on the wind

whispering to me

dancing in my unconscious mind

you were next to me

holding, a smothering embrace

tied, twisted, tangled

were we

although in the memory

of a time never lived

we were blissfully one


i could

hold you

while the wind

whips around


while our embrace

chases the rain

to showers

the sun will shine

push the


to a fade

we just must

be strong

& continue

to hold on

if i ran away

where do you think

i could hide

from the struggles, the strife

who would shelter me

who would take my life

no one hears, no one learns

but i yearn, so yearn

to have that freedom

i so cling & claw for

to be Me

& not one bit more

the past may hold

the imprints to our soul

but come with age we do decay

the wearing thin of the outer skin

the thickening of heart muscle

our veins clog with memories

like rain in the street drains

washing the wounds clean

fresh pain does tend to mend

leaving a scar for a friend


i breathe

for her


when she’s down

& drowning

when she can’t muster

a thought or cluster

i breathe

for her


she knows only strikes

beaten with words daily

some from outside

most from within


she is captive

in her

own cage


so together

we breathe

silently she screams

he’s been taken

from her grips, her lips,

her arms, her grasp, her fingertips

she just waits

for the storm

to swallow her whole

so that she may fall

to his deep, dark depths

& let her soul

meet his

never again bereft

when she is most vulnerable

he holds her extra close


when she needs to fly

he merely holds her cords


her layers unfold


but for those


who truly wish to see


what mystery she beholds

few scars show

only to those who know

while some see beauty

others see broken

weak, fragile, kind

dark angry turmoil

always in the mind

simmers, flares, rages

fighting against the light

they all beg her

to stay

never leave

they cry

rip and pull at her sleeves

ripping her like leaves

but she stays

she endures

When she smiles, her eyes smile too.

When she’s naughty, her eyes twinkle.

When she’s sad, her eyes lose their shine.

When she’s heartbroken, her eyes flood.

And the world stops to watch.

the taste of ash

coats a tongue

when a heart breaks

scars bleed in the beginning

when fighting

the desire the pull

darkness melts into another

twisting the knife further

cracking it all open


the armor

firmly in place

the shield

held tight

but the mask

slips down

don’t make me bleed

so many have already

don’t make me weep

with something that just cuts too deep

see me not as i am….chained

but instead as i will be…free

i connect one word to another

vibrant visions i create

i spin the world

for you and for me

i slow time

i touch souls

never to be touched myself

i spill blood

only to never bleed…enough

sin is my DNA

hell my destiny

but for now

i entertain you

when the light dims

that’s when i swim

dark drowning thoughts

linger within

the day’s worries

stacked high

like a deck

against the player

but tis the game of life

of reality

that spreads me

far…far…too thin

here they come

can you hear them

they come not for you

but for what you give them

the pain

the love

that warm burn

in their hearts

in their minds

in their blood

in the sands of time


the puppet

the actress

the mask

the whore


you’ll find me

down by the shore

I am the caution

in the wind.

I am the whimsy

you dare live in.

I am the struggle

you hide within.

I am the chaos

that digs in.

I am the heart

that never wins.

Fools rush in

just look at me


Fools dive deep

see how i’m drowning


Fools live in dreams

because reality stinks


Fools won’t see

actions shown clearly


Fools want to believe

in fantasies & dreams




Fools finish Last

sitting & waiting

for ALL this

to Pass

She’s a little bit angel. She’s a little bit devil.

She’s sunshine , buried in a tornado.

She’s a #dream, that takes wings.

She’s a flower, with thorny stems.

She’s beauty, that’s not skin deep.

She’s a mind, that never sleeps.

She’s a heart, that always breaks.

you can’t say

i haven’t tried

you can’t say

i wouldn’t have died

you can’t say

that i lied

you can’t say

i haven’t complied

you can’t say

there’s nothing left inside

you can’t say

there is an upside

you can’t say

i didn’t take it in stride

you can’t say

i won’t survive

No more goals to score.

Nothing left here anymore.

Nowhere to run to.

No more games to play.

The night sky,

has taken you


covered in rock

but not

made of stone

aren’t we all


Flesh & Bone


we take what we can

we make life what we want

we choose what to flaunt

we bounce around

we laugh, we flirt

we love, we hurt

we play, we stay

we leave, we cleave

we cry

then we die

Don’t act like it’s not been said. Don’t act like it’s not been done.

When left hanging in the wind, tattered is all that you’ll become.

When floating adrift, the sea swallows you whole.

When lost in time, your spirit just folds.

What happened to giving it your all?

feel the rumble

from under your feet

your world quakes

& shifts

with such



no hand to hold

no rock to cling to

just sheer will & strength

to hold you thru


watch it all crumble

gather what’s left

go forth &

take a new step


& don’t forget

who had your back

bare skin

breathing in

a melody sings


commit to the tune

focus on each note

practice, practice, practice

so that you may stroke

the lines, the chords

the sweet rhythm of life

until the crescendo

relieves your plight


then just lay back

& take flight

it’s not your lips

it’s not your smile

it’s not your words

it’s your mind

that drives me, wild

her skin

pale & pure

an icy landscape

that seems so demure

but inside

she holds the pride

this goddess

of such a winter’s moon

her crown

but ice & thorns

her blood

ice cold water

no longer holding

the red tint

that made her human

to begin with

to some

it’s just

filthy dust

to others

a select few

who may see

the dark jewels

what hides

in the dust

covered with muck

is a treasure

beyond measure

if you can sift

thru it

you’ll find


worth more

than just


lost in a daze

lost in your maze

nothing but

a smile to save


Fingers & Hands

Lips & new Lands

A touch & A glance

A sigh & A frown

Time & Sand

Lust & Demand

Sin & Redemption

Feral & Untamed

Breaking & Mending

Breathing & Living

Caring & Devoting


Passion Un-Molded

the wind brought your smell

the sun shined with your smile

the rain blew with your hell

the snow fell with your touch

there are just

not enough


in the universe

or words

in any books

that can

cover all

of it

we don’t always get what we want

we sometimes get what we need

the truth lays buried in between


we don’t always know how to go

we rarely know how to grow

the silence is only a masked scream


we don’t always know the answers


we sometimes don’t ask the questions

you take my breath

while making me breathe

you take my words

while making me think

you take my soul

while making me just be

you take my heart

while making me bleed

Remember me

when you are lost at sea

Remember me

when you breathe in deep

Remember me

when the tears well up

Remember me

when covers aren’t enough

Remember me

when the sun shines through rain

Remember me

when you wash away the shame

Remember me

when you need a hand

it wasn’t life

it wasn’t fate

it was Her steps

that led her to

this stalemate


forced into a

precarious position

she still relies

on the most

rudimentary decisions


what goes up

must come down

what can’t fly

will surely drown

the characters

the charades

she dares to play


forced words & actions

she could stack

as high as the ceiling


the lies

the manipulation

still she strives

gives her all


those masks

those characters

are but a vision

just a slice

of some

hidden truth


Don’t you remember

the words we said

the love we fed

Don’t you remember

the times we cried

the flaws we’d hide

Don’t you remember

how you didn’t care

i threw my hands in the air

Don’t you remember

when it no longer mattered

all that was, now shattered

Don’t dream of me, when the night howls softly

Don’t think of me, when the wind steals your folly

Don’t cry for me, when the seas begin to recede

Don’t hurt with me, when you are not bleeding

Don’t fake a smile, when no one is watching

Don’t shake off this feeling, don’t accept the denial


like musical notes

fly with the wind

as we

dance against

the night

the hugs, the sighs

the hard lips

the hard thighs

the memories

burn but lightly

the song but sings

only slightly

a melody that conjures

a memory

some long lost dream

lives on

within me

I got lost somewhere

I know

I couldn’t find the light

even with a hand to guide

I couldn’t see the end

even with a flashing siren

I wouldn’t take in the view

even with a glass for magnifying you

I wouldn’t accept the deal

even with a contract

signed & sealed

i just knew

it was all true

when I saw you

she burns

brighter than

any fire

her hunger

fans the flames

her revenge

is what keeps

it tame

her emotions

fling sparks

watch as she walks

her smile

will light you up

witchy woman

faerie goddess

sexy enchantress


your worst nightmare

could be granted

sip some elixir

maybe just

let her kiss ya

her poison

seeps in your soul

then you just won’t know

that she’s taken

all the control

And one day

the sun dared

to shine

on her face

when her skin

was alight with

such a vision

her mind, her soul

aligned into a

collision course

the stars, the night

they have their plights

but such a treasure

she does magnify

A True Light

when her windows

fill with clouds

don’t doubt

the rain is falling

somewhere inside

when her drops stall

& her mouth falls

the silence that resides

takes precedence

over the slow sighs

& when her words

don’t form

make sure

to hold her


she made

a slow ascent

with her crown

of thick thorns

but as she climbed

she did raise stones


she has no need

for words or deeds

& she does not plead

for your woes

she does not want

to fight your foes

but rather

gather what’s left

after all crumbles

clouds on my tongue

a new song to be sung

while the birds chirp & hum

dawn is coming

darkness yet fades

when i swing my hopes

on a his sweet gaze

lay my dreams

on some fantasy

wish for arms

that hold tightly

& words with no bite

a space of no plight

just some flight

paths like veins


under the skin

our travels

our destinies

they lie under

what’s the truth

a mixture of blood

emotions, cells & platelets

mixing, twisting, bending

filling in

each cut, each scar

each crack, until it’s normal

smoothed over

all knowledge


Imagine one day

there came a time

a place

where there

were no lies

no motives

when truth

reigns supreme

and no one can

deny the scenes

or falsify

the technicalities

a time when

mirrors are

enough proof

to sow a pattern

of humble discourse

soft but sweet

a concrete texture

laid beneath

a glass sculpture

a transparent illusion

of delicate strength

mixed with confusion

or maybe

just a stroke of

her inner reflections

instead of her transparency

no one sees

the forest

for the trees

what about

the leaves

the long sturdy


the roots that

are sunk

deep down

into the soil

planted by such


a wisp of wind

floated that seed

to land here

& become

those trees

loss of sight

loss of sense

loss of light


gain some hope

fight the storm

use your strength

to overcome


darkness fades

like the brightness

from the shades


draw back

the curtains

see all those



there are no

instructions though

that show you

how to

control it

chains can’t


her down


no cage

could keep

her bound


no words

can save

her soul


no time

is left

just the space

some life

left here


She wasn’t waiting for a disaster.

She wasn’t waiting for some kind of master.

She wasn’t waiting for some sweet fairy tale.

She wasn’t waiting for some knight in tarnished armor.


She carried her own sword.

She wrote with her own pen.

She brewed her own storm.

She held her own strength.

don’t beg

don’t plead

don’t ask again my sweet

i’ll gladly give it to you

just a small piece though

i don’t have much left

but what i do

i’ll share with you

So sorry to bother.

Don’t mean to be any trouble.

I realize now, it’s my own fault.

I just know how to break my own heart.

a witch

with no potions

a game

with no emotions


a darkness

with no fangs

an angel

with no wings


a chance

never taken


never spoken


a time

that is frozen


that have lost motion


a heart

left torn & broken

a sadness

all consuming

whether it be

the #hustle or the flow

whether it be

the faith or the hope

whether it be

the integrity or the #loyalty

whether it be

you or me

whether it be

or not to be

let’s just wait

& see

No super woman here.

No goddess, no angel,

& not a professional.

I’m not a machine.

I am just skin & bone,

encasing fragile emotions.

I am my scars.

I am my past.

I am today.

I still make mistakes.


I hold my tomorrow’s

& all their sorrows.

don’t be false

don’t be true

don’t be kind

don’t be cruel

don’t be loving

don’t be petty

don’t be a dream

don’t be a fantasy

don’t be Anything but You

don’t be anything else

that’s Not True


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You Won’t Be Mine

crying_eyes deviant art

Image Deviant Art

The right time

The right place

The right rhyme

The perfect face

Somehow, some way

You went away

Left me here to Pay


When the sun shined

When you smiled at mine

When you whispered words

When I took your comfort

Somehow, somewhere along the way

You decided you wouldn’t stay


And the rains fell

Buckets, rivers, & floods

And the wind howled

Whipping & twisting

Tossing me into the mud

And the clouds gathered

Blocking the view

Of what really Mattered

Then one day

When you stayed away

Somehow, some way

All that mattered

Was taken & shattered

And then I was alone

Bruised, broken & battered


Things were said

Things were done

All of it eventually piles up

Into some large mound

Just a little hill to climb

Then another

Then another

Until we feel

Completely Smothered

They don’t go away

No matter how much we pray

This madness, this sadness

It Just stays

Even when we bare it

But when did it get

Too Big to Carry it


There was a day

When I just Knew you’d stay

When you’d say

What I needed to hear

But the silence

Is just FEAR

And it wins

Hands down

Every damn time it’s near


Sweet sighs & those eyes

Something wild

IT will decide

It’ll choose our plights

Make our fates

Make the walls crumble & shake

From within our minds

If only we could find

What lies behind

All those Empty times


There was always that doubt

I knew it would not be long

Before you blew away

Disappear into a song

Somewhere I can’t be

Somewhere I am nothing

That you see


I knew it

But I went along

Hoping, wishing, praying

That one day

I could say

You are mine

In such a way

That would

Make the rains

Stay at bay

Make the storms

Dissipate & fade

Make the clouds

Disperse & unearth

What lies under all this mirth


But then

You were gone

Now there’s no songs

Now there’s no peace to find

Now there’s no space

But what’s been left behind


Now there’s no today’s

No tomorrow’s

No more sun

No more shadows

And I know

You dare not

You swear not

You want not

You will not

And I’ll be left

With a sad song

And you won’t

You can’t

You shan’t

Be mine

And with that

Goes all this damn time


Inspired by MUSIC