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Sweet Little Musings July 2018

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where’s the light

where’s the peace

within a dream

somewhere deep

sometime when

you are here with me

some place where

we can just be

time is space

space is forever

forever is never

never is right now

we live we seek

a place to call home

for each piece

to fit equally


with in an

angel’s touch

enclosed tight

in a teardrops

angelic light

encased in glass

an angel can still fight

spread her wings

shatter that cage

with all of her might

enveloped n darkness

an angel

shines bright enough

to light the way

as she soars upwards

images developing

details crystallizing

breaths quickening

lips glistening

eyes devouring

minds connecting

From within

burns a spark

From the outside

you’ll never see


From within

her heart rules

From the outside

you see her aloof


From within

her walls crumble

From the outside

you won’t see her stumble


From within

she’ll stand firm

you’ll have no choice

but to see it

Her manner was mild.

Her attitude was wild.


She spoke softly.

She laughed loudly.


Her heart was tired.

Her mind was on fire.


She smiled sweetly.

She winked shyly.


Her body reacted.

Her soul retracted.


She stepped unknowingly.

She plunged wide eyed & openly

as my fear

fades into

a seamless ocean

of oblivion

i know one thing

is sure as can be

“I’ll Be Dammed”

if they think

they’ll take anything

from me

Take my home

Take my name

Take my soul

It’s yours


But you

can’t have

what you need





After the words

After the actions

After the screams

After the tears


Silence abounds

until she is finally heard

with just two words

I’m Done

She longed for a home

A place to lay her head down in peace

Somewhere she was just loved not rescued

A place where, there are no masks no fakes

In that dream of sweet fantasy with the pain of reality

She looks for a world of her own making

She’ll quake the ground to make it

Drown in my words.

You will suffocate easily.

You fight the tide I create.

Don’t bother swimming.

while the world crumbles around me

i’m trying to dance in the ash

but it keeps sticking to my feet

like some clay mud, thick & sticky

still, i’ll dance, i’ll sing

all the while i watch it crumbling

i’ll smile, i’ll laugh

seeing the others fall flat

with no skill or rhythm

No rest for the weary

When your mind

Wont let you sleep

Drown in melody

Bask in heat

Let calm take over

Try to be at peace

You’ll sleep

So enough

go on

you jokers & fools

step aside

all you wolves & ghouls

i’m en no need of pawns here

not in my court

i sit atop a throne

with little support

i sit alone until the day

i deem someone worthy

of my reign & duty

i’m n no need

of any knights

if you please

i need a King

to fill this seat

don’t call her a rose

she is no bud

but all thorns


she’s more like

the cacti

ugly & prickly

seemingly thriving

in a desert

of her own mind


she needs little water

don’t bother noticing

drive on by

& think oh my

how plain is

that poor cactus

see there

that skin

it used to be

so smooth

but now

tis wrinkled


see there

those lips

they used to be

so plump & full

but now

sit pale & weak


see there

that heart

it used to be



after years of war

it’s scarred & broken


nobody’s perfect

needs wants desires

baby come feed my fires


shake me quake me

make me swoon


fill me up

just to escape

high tides&noon


drown me douse me

cover with everything

don’t stop

until i’m begging


do what you do

i’ll promise to be true

unless you tear me down

& forget to build me up

a simmering storm

hidden in her smile

an ache in her soul

that made her courage swell

a shift in perspective

gave clarity thru the fog

a sore on her toe

from all that running

a weight on her back

carrying that baggage

from place to place

a home in her heart

just trying to find it

a speck a blot

a drop a drip


we let slip

but are

really meant



once held

lost & forgotten

along with the wealth


watch the clock

it’ll tick by

while u see

your life

tagging along


shadows won’t

catch you now

walk the path

seek the light

don’t fall behind


dark alleys

might as well be

long dark tunnels

you see


the paths we tread

the money we make

the lives we live


all lead down

to the epiphany

we all travel

unknown roads

fight unknown battles

most survive


if you breathe


you are


when the winds whip

when the clouds roar


is it the storm

that comes

or is it

being beckoned

for more

do rain drops pour

because of the storm


does it rain

because of her

does her chaos

cause the hurricane


does she just

control the volcano

the looks

could be so


the words

could be so


the dreams

could be so


the chains

could be so


the bonds

could be so


the kisses

could be so


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Words for Fortune Cookies July 2018

words for fortune cookies cover art wordpress

I’ve been wrong most of my life, but tides always turn.

I’ve walked on eggshells, most of my life. Maybe it’s your turn now.

He said,

Can I have you forever?


She said,

Depends, can you keep up?

I think everyone has a different perspective on the meaning of the word Everything.

Give me







With inaction

love is poison

dying on vines

thorns not buds

pulling up roots

the poison

drips slowly

from your lips

with your

words of kindness

i’m as bent

as bent can be

without being

totally broken

you had a chance,

then another,

then another,

how long

do i

let you trample,

before i

get up

off the floor!

And This

is how love dies

softly, calmly

within a whisper

of a heart ache

in the tears of a lover

knowing there’s nothing

left to take

just time

to walk away

if you promise

to never let me go

i’ll promise

to never stop holding on

she’s busy

building walls

He’s repairing

the building’s foundation

together they’re stronger

when two souls meet

does reality even matter?

while she sorted her life

he was sorting his heart

no one

will ever


know how much

cause words

will never

be enough

Truly, it was my honor to have made your life easier for years, but now, that’s done

words are just #talk

when truly

actions speak

so much louder

notes on the wind

beats of a heart

darkness to a fault

welcome to her vault

her heart

was an ocean

but her life

lived in

the aquarium

He’s my gasp of fresh air.

Let not age nor perspective influence the choices in your life. As long as you breathe, you make choices. Just make them what’s best for you.

she was bent, but not broken

it’s not my fault

i wasn’t “your version”

of good enough


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Sweet Little Musings Aug 2018

sweet little musings cover art wordpress

The Infinite Beyond

where there lies

no heaven, no hell

just a space in between

where one may roam

wild & free

bound to be

an angel just

spreading her wings

some where, some place

where nothing exists

but the heart of a kiss

a moment of bliss

& a little mist

The death of a lover.

The death of a friend.

How we all find that,

we come to an end.

When the Reaper

appears at your door.

Do not fear him,

for he’s come to

take you home.

Let him lead you,

then you shall not

be alone.

What if

there was some luck

What if

you didn’t feel stuck

What if

delicious words made you shake

What if

sinful deeds made you quake

What if

i only thought of you

What if

you tried that…too

She’s a melody with a somber tone

She’s a wallflower waiting to be known

She’s a whisper echoing in your brain

She’s a feeling that only you can discern

She’s a memory you could have had

She’s a past where the scars still last

She’s a future yet to be made

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Sweet Little Musings Oct 2018

sweet little musings cover art wordpress

Never mind

My lonely words

Never mind

My tarnished sword

Never mind

My salty tears

Never mind

My haunting fears

Never mind

My blood runs cold

Never mind

My Will, it does fold

Never mind

My broken heart

Never mind

My sad soul

Never mind

It’ll be OK

Never mind

You didn’t anyway

No matter what

there will Always be

a time when You

will no more be

in the



You will become

just an Afterthought

nothing left to chance here

not with daylight so near

whispers do evaporate

when the sun shines

in this place

the bed gets colder

as the night unfolds ya

promises once told

seem to whither

under sunlight’s


lies spoken as truths

are just more


as the daylight

started to kiss the sky

she accepted

that their love

has died

all that was

seemed no longer

to be

all that could have been

she no longer

could see

rays of warm light

may shine on her face

but the heat of love

no longer

lived in her space

she was the ice

he was the fire

two of a kind

full of desire

their dance

edges on

the borders of

heaven & hell

watch as

their love

does swell

total opposites

yet two of a kind

simmering & glowing

with their

bodies & minds

so divine

i’m giving up

throwing in the towel

that love i lost

hurts me still

no smiles left to give

no tokens of love

left to steal

no more whispers

ringing in my ears

i almost forgot

as i breathe in tears

toys on shelves

don’t get any love

the doll’s painted smile

still fades

what is this

witchery that exists

hidden in

her dark depths

conjured there

in her glassy stare

a black soul

full of vicious sickness

stacked high

with magical wishes

whispered words

of hexes & brews

let her steal what

you have left to use

go ahead

be her muse

her ghostly image

a sleeping specter

sweetness wrapped up

in the #darkest of depths

no warmth left in her kiss

no life left in her limbs

no magic left to bewitch

just fog as her only window

her blood

was an ocean

of emotion

her pain

was just enough

her blood ran cold

as the story was told

then her soul

Today I cried

as I watched you lie.

Only to realize

it’s just a drop in the ocean

a mere wave

in the sea of my pride.

Every time I say

that I’ve had enough

You force me

to love you less and less.

Hope is like Trust

when you least expect it

it drags you through the mud

leaving you covered in crud

forcing you to pull yourself up.

You bewitched her heart, her soul.

And she was the one left saying sorry.

You pushed me passed the breaking point.

Now, all we had is broken.

The mind lies.

The heart is blind.

Love dies.

Time is never on your side.

there is nothing to harvest

when the sun doesn’t shine bright

there are no flowers to pluck

when the rain crashes against the petals

there’s a plague among us

& it causes all the wars

fear is has its own disguise

she was the tree

you were her leaves

her roots let you breathe

until you were ready to go

floating in the wind

just to be suffocated by the sun

her sobs

went unheard

her tears

went unknown

her love

went un-shown

her soul

went unborn

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Words for Fortune Cookies Oct 2018

words for fortune cookies cover art wordpress

I never asked to be put first, only to not be broken or used.


If you want EASY….go play Parcheesi


If you question their sincerity, your mind has already given you clarity.


Don’t lift me up, just to drop me flat on my face.


There’s a painted smile for every lie.


Stop making them a priority, once you realize that you are just secondary.


He promised such delightful treats. In the end, she was left with all his tricks.


The mind lies.

The heart is blind.

Love dies.

Time is never on your side.


Words for Fortune Cookies November 2018

words for fortune cookies cover art wordpress

I love you for who you are.

I love you for who you were.

I love you for who you Will be.


Yo-Yo’s are toys

People are not

Watch what they do

Not just their talk


i do not walk behind you

i will not walk in front of you

if you can’t keep up

take another path


you started cutting me off

i started cutting you out


all my trust was spent on lust