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Sweet Little Musings Aug 2019

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She could be

Soft & sweet

Wrap you in

A blanket of kindness

Soothe your aches

Stimulate & awaken

Persuade & manipulate

All the desires

You’ve long lost hidden

Bring forth in you

What you never knew

Weave a spell

That leaves you subdued

Just open up

& she’ll prove

What your heart

Already knew

She’d been burned

Scorned scarred spurned

She’d walked the earth

With her head held down

She’d held her breath

& renounced her wealth

Then the day came

She realized

There were no more knights

No rescuers

She’d spread her own wings

& be the hero

She always needed


In the atmosphere

Burns a star

So very far

A light so dim

It skips along the rim

Dances with the moons

Trails its own path

Scattering its ash

Headed to a dark place

Where no one

Would ever see its face

Shattered into

A million pieces

My soul never

Really releases

All these little

Acts of treason

Done in cruelty

Or ignorant disbelief

Most go unnoticed

Slowly choking

Crushing vessels

Soaking up oxygen

Left to die & decay

Full of anger & dismay

This game

Was not to be played

I am old now

My body is for

Show & Tell

Scars mark an end

To a life not well lived

Frail & fragile mind

Taken over by

Disease & Time

Put my words out to pasture

My heart does

Wound & Fester

Retirement has come

A new dawn has begun

I wish you all well

Bury my soul

& never tell

Grab your muskets & your guns

This war is not yet won

A battle rages on

Two sides of liberty is being fought

Brother against Brother

Sisters, Mothers, Cousins

We all have a side to choose

Pray it be in time

History does not forget

The losing side

Listen to the silence

It is where your heart beats

Dance in the moonlight

It is when your demons speak

Find your way through the fog

Walk the path you seek

Never mind the howls

Wolves won’t feast

Look up to the stars

They light your way

If you do fall down


That is not where you stay

First it was a word

A flutter in her nerves

Then it was an action

Silent tingles that matched them

After was the silence

Loneliness in abject darkness

Lastly was the retreat

And her heart no longer beat

Darkness reined

The walls closed in

All she knew was

She had to escape

This type of pain

There were limits

To what would happen

There were boundaries

That she had built high

There were things

She’d never describe

There were scars

That she couldn’t hide

There were acts

She’d never subscribe

There was a love

That always divided

Be not afraid

Of this dark path

You crave

Be strong in your faith

Let your heart be your lamp

Your soul be your map

Trust only in your mind

Let it lead you to find

All that resides inside

Your inner compass will provide

The things you deign to hide

Will eventually come to light

Although my heart is weak

& my soul is but meek

I’ll find freedom

In these words we speak

Ink stained pages

Folded & creased

Meanings laced with delicacy

& a rhythm that is unceasing

As the edges touch briefly

I’ll remember this time increasingly

Obliterate me

& all that you see

Tear me down piece by piece

Don’t let me fight or weep

Rebuild each part

Right from the start

Mold my mind & heart

So that I may never again fall apart

Make me sturdy & strong

So in this war I can fight along

& defeat the demons that live on

Let the rain pour down

As the world makes no sound

Let is cleanse all my sins

From this body & within

Let it was away my dark thoughts

To be replaced with better ones

Let this be the end of my pain

Only for me to be born all over again

My soul needs a vacation

My heart has been stripped naked

My walls are rapidly shaking

My defenses once tough now are quaking

My body is thoroughly aching

My senses are miserably mistaken

My mind is no longer taken

Sleep my sweet darlin

Don’t weep within your heart

The sun will dawn again

& you’ll smile when you see it

The fog will lift

& the darkness you will forget

Lay your head down on the pillow

Let go of all the sorrow

You are stuck in the middle

But there is light at the end of your tunnel

Words are written souls

Dreams are fantasies that make us whole

Lust is desire’s cousin

Foolishly making us what we once wasn’t

Verbs are the actions of such gentlemanly distractions

Adverbs are the flowers of tender ladylike apparitions

The subject is you

Prepositioning proposals

She awoke at dawn

As the sun rose brightly on

Just another day

When she kept the rains at bay

Another chance she’d say

To make it thru this life my way

Morning had come

The sun had dawned

Clouds danced along

This Chicago skyline

Cool breeze did blow

From the lake she was shown

How a beautiful scene

Could give her heart peace

And make her mind serene

He scraped the blade

Across her skin

Cutting the letters

Deep in

A was for adulterer

S came next

L followed shortly

U can you guess

T was for timing

That he had on his side

Now the world would now

What she dared to hide

There were no words left

Just soft sighs

Hearts no longer bereft

Their passions had collided

Desires that burned down deep

Eyes that only saw

Love so effortlessly

It started with a kiss

Then a mumble

Turned into a hiss

A touch slide

Into a hug

Soft caresses

Made them breathless

When their souls touched

They found it effortless

that soft caress

something touching

more than flesh

a shared beat

of tender hearts

now gathered

only to fall apart

soft whispers of love

souls singing like doves

that mere second

of what was

only to be fleeting

like rain drops

It could’ve been me

That swallowed all your need

Drove you to the depths of caring

An endless desire to be pleased

It could’ve been my heart

That you chose to never part

Our souls caressing the unknown

Desperate to have what wasn’t shown

It could’ve & we should’ve

But it wasn’t & it haunts us

No wand can wipe away

Salty tears I keep at bay

Wrinkles on my face

Merely proof of the time I waste

No spell can be spoken

To make me one of the chosen

No forgiveness or redemption

Can make this worth living

Keep your fairy tales to your dreams

This is not the life I lead

Bring me a sea of memories

Let the tides ebb & flow

As my heart sinks down below

Let the storms come & rage

As I begin to turn the page

A life set in motion

My soul sings the rhythm of an ocean

My pleas are but a whisper

While my soul burns & blisters

Please don’t fret

Or worry about this mess

You r merely in the middle

& it’s scary I bet

But you can push forth

Will patience you’ll be rewarded

Wake each day with positivity

Make your heart into a luminary

Follow the path

The hurt won’t last

Keep your head up

This is life at its worst

Wave a wand

Form my tears into a pond

Make it crystal & clear

So that vipers can’t live here

Make the edges nice & neat

Allow the sun to shine down & beat

Make the fog dissipate

Causing the water to be stale & straight

Let the birds sing their soft songs

Until I move along

That glint in her eye

Or swivel in her hips

That delicate smile

Or the soft laugh upon her lips

Was it her kindness

Or that her soul was amiss

Was it her accent

Sweet Southern Bliss

Was is her ladylike manner

Or her sassy wit

Was it her heart

Or the fact it was hid


She had said


She had begged


She had warned


She wanted no harm


She felt naive


She needed to breathe


She asked for no lies


She prayed for more ties


She knew haunted her soul


She said but was never told

Shatter me

Help me feel

Bring forth that which

Can help me heal

Shatter the concepts

Of love being real

Teach me humanity

& how to be sealed

Shatter the boundaries

That dare to hold me still

Let me wings fly me

To a place where I am fulfilled

Once whole but no longer

Shattered beyond my control

My heart flounders

As pieces & shards

Float away with the breeze

Love is no longer felt

Notes no longer follow the chords

Words no longer fill the songs

Just the silence of

A heart being broken

What happened

To honesty & decency?

It was replaced with

Pure Hypocrisy.

What happened

To the unforgettable human?

They began to judge

And their soul became a demon.

What happened

To kindness & love?

It turned to mud

When the rains came down from above.


when I’m feeling sexy

wearing my thigh highs

& those lacy panties


when I’m down & lonely

wearing my heart on my sleeve

& crying those salty tears


when I’m happy & flirty

wearing a bright smile

& thinking dirty


cause you know

I forget to love myself

Call me a hurricane

Or a sweet magnolia

Call me a sinner

Or the devil’s whore

Call me a saint

I’ll tell you what I ain’t

Call me an angel

I’ll show you my broken halo

Call me a beautiful woman

I’ll convince you that I never was one

Call me a tease

Then maybe…I’ll beg & plead

I’ll do almost

Anything you want

But in return

I’ll need a home

For my heart

Confiscate my heart

Tempt it with a love that is taught

Confiscate my body

Show me what it never knew before

Confiscate my mind

Create a myriad of thoughts so divine

Confiscate my soul

Fill me with all those things that can make me whole

There was something wild

Hidden in her eyes

Her calm demeanor

Made it hard to recognize

Her polite smile

Showed you the lady that she was

Her words were a trance

You could feel them lightly dance

Across your mind

All maybe revealed in time

A soul so sublime

Seen only through rhyme

Forget all that was

When you are with me

Just feel free & breathe

I didn’t know it wasn’t wrong

Until I ended up where I didn’t belong

I once had a thought

That I hadn’t thought of

But then I had a dream

That only lived in heaven above

I committed a sin that sunk deep in

So my soul will reside in the hell of my skin

It was a whisper

It was a plea

But it flew away mysteriously

In the gentle morning breeze

With a country between them

Seas & deserts seamlessly

Dissipated with ease

When they traded teases

Words that speak clearly

Of desires turning into realities

Only reaching a peak

Because their souls dared to speak

Show me what’s deep inside

Hiding behind those demon eyes

As the music filled the air

She stopped short to stare

Lost in the mist of the notes

She remembered the time he did quote

How he had lost his soul

A dark haired raven had claimed him whole

Until the day their love was foiled

The radio played out their song

Let me be your haven

Your masterful worded maven

Let me cleanse you of all that hate

Relieve the stress of your fate

Let me bathe you in light

Force the dark out with my might

Let me caress your soul

& together we shall become whole

Deep inside

In the recesses of my mind

Hides a clear design

A treasure within the vines

At night you see the signs

Of the fire that here resides

Once snuffed but now alive

My body burns with such desire

Speak not of love to me

My heart beats for it desperately

Speak of truths & beliefs

Only say what you mean

Show me the moon

Hidden in your eyes

Give me the view

With no disguise

Make me laugh & smile

Never inspire tears

To fall from my eyes

His heart

Was her haven

A place where

She could stop

Breathe easy

Or just hold on

Where she could lay her head

Rest her thoughts

Where she was accepted

& sometimes taught

The light at the end of her tunnel

Open arms where she could cuddle

Rest her weary words

& be heard

She was in a class of her own

A tangled heart that sings songs

Floating through a life of her own

Humming soft notes & chords

Crafting her little worlds

Embedded in the tunes we heard

Rhyming about lost love

The moonlight & heavens above

But no one ever really knew who she was

Only brick & mortar

She knew that wasn’t enough

To build a stronger wall

Or even to raise it high up

No she had to give it her all

Make it as sturdy as her heart

To keep all the hatred

From tearing her safety apart

skidding along the curves

lingering around the lines

the touch is softly absurd

given there is so little time

tingles that seep down deep

bumps that appear even when asleep

it is but this one touch that makes me weep

knowing this feeling is the one i will keep

hidden in haunting shadows

In the darkness of a heart

where the echoes of a smile

rage against the dying of the night

a rebirth takes place

a sorted resurrected rendering

For a figure with loaded misgivings

that lies painted on my periphery

a disguise for those meant to see

she sits alone

with a pen

& her poems

her heart hurts

so much

she needs love

& tons of hugs

someone who sees

someone who feels

all these things

that weigh on her soul

how badly she wishes to be whole

but she is the sun

it is her universe

she’s strong

& one day

she’ll know

she’s won

There are

So many reasons

To cry

To try

To ask why

When the rains come

Troubles flow

From the sorrow

You hide

Look up

Gaze at the sky

Try to smile

Don’t ask the sun

Why it shines

Just bask in the glow

& convince yourself

That you are fine

shall I show you?

what’s hidden deep down?

what’s in my soul?

would you care to know?

what sins I crave?

what words that hold my heart slave?

what lies beneath

this facade I keep?


we all have

our favorites













so many to choose

so many to give

which do you do?

we are all fools

when it comes down

to picking a favorite

let mine be known

life behind a scowl

the time for tolerance is over

the narcissists & the greedy

have taken the reins

there is no more room

at this inn

the rich & filthy

want to draw lines

keep some out

unless they provide

their souls for slavery

locked in cages for eternity

what Hell have they made here

Her laugh

Was like a child’s

Her smile

Made the moon dance

Her curves

Gave way to shadows


Her eyes

Revealed her desires

Imagine there’s no sun

Imagine there’s no one

Imagine there’s no storm

Imagine there’s no warmth

Imagine you’re alone

Imagine a sea with no stones

Imagine the quiet wind blows

Imagine no shield from love

Imagine freedom unknown

Imagine…then GO

Make her laugh

Don’t make her cry

Tease her senselessly

Before going inside

Rub against her mind

Soothe her aching soul in time

When she gives you her all

Don’t reject it or fold

She laid out her cards

Take her hand & never forget why

She chose to let you inside

Serenade with song

Make your words dance to the notes

Tickle my brain

& tell me some truths

Slide your finger along my spine

If you reach my soul you will find

A delectable demon lives inside

There are no more words

There is no more love

There can be nothing left

No where to move on

Clean the slate of this pain

Wash away all that shame

Step forth from the darkness

Claim a new domain

I basked in the moonlight

So you could see me shine

I bathed in the sun rain

So I could clear my mind

I walked into the deep sea

In the hopes you could feel me

I drowned in an ocean of pleas

There was nothing left with you

That would fulfill me

I was delirious with pain

As the blood trickled & then stained

It was the knife that did the trick

Or was it the hand that plunged it in deep

Either way I knew I had lost it

That little shrivel of sanity had now been tossed

No longer left whole

The wound had bared my soul

The knife skidded along my skin

ordering blood trails follow it.

My eyes latched on

to his wicked smile

before squeezing closed tight

enough to make fireflies appear.

It was a glorious agony

as he dug the blade in deep,

only to purge my mind

of his memory.

I swear it won’t happen again

I swear I couldn’t do what they said

I swear I’ll never believe again

I swear I’ve lost all my heart; it’s just a sham

I swear I can never recover from this

I swear just this once but it’s all amiss

I swear I said

I swear but now I’m dead

There was once

A magical symphony of words

It danced along a dreams edge

& never dared to stop & be free

It caressed a heart n its time of need

It played the notes of pain

Along with the summer breeze

Skidded around the curves & hid in fallen leaves

Until it was lost inside of me

Her words were spellbinding

Softly spoken filled with care

She kissed his forehead

With such reverence

He could not help

But to give in & obey

Her sweet dear Pet

That’s what she called him

& under her spell

He had forever fallen

Summer came & went

Like a day at the beach

Walking in the sand

The sun stayed around

Longer than the clouds

Even shone thru the rain

As drops pelted in a soft refrain

But then the time changed

Fall came with its rage

The sun hid away

& the gray of winter

Came to stay

Time is our greatest enemy

It has stolen all the feelings

All the kisses & dreams

Washed away

With time, tides & the sea

The clock does tick

& echoes thru the thick

Fog that was our love

Faded away now

To live in memories of what was

His words were like bullets

ricocheting through her soul.

They tore through her scars

& forced her blood to curdle.

He had never loved her,

this she had always known.

But she had dreamed

& wished that all this

would lead to more.

My Sins

Are carved in

Deep into my heart

My soul is so scarred

Only soft tissue

Keeps it from tearing apart

My mind is fragmented

Much like the walls

That are my defense

My Will

Is inescapable

And will deliver my redemption

She’s more than lines & curves

She’s more than you deserve

A swirl of emotions & words

A heart that lives in a soft shell

Full of hopes & dreams

Her soul bursting at the seams

She is your nightmare

Wrapped up in your fantasy

My heart was stubborn

It argued with my mind constantly

They bickered back & forth

Giving my soul no rest

Fear had voiced its opinion

Love was completely silent

No rest for the weary

Neither for the wicked

I know now I’ll find no peace

Only in my dreams

Does my voice speak

He was playing a game

Little did he know

She would change her shame

Into fortune & fame

The party was over

The fun & games had ended

She was left alone

With her heart to mend

The time for laughter had passed

Too fast for her to count

Her one chance to be loved

Had flown away like a dove

Lost in my dreams

Or written during

My living fantasy

Where can you be

How does my heart beat?

The Duality of a Woman

Be strong

Be weak

Be confident

Be meek

Speak up

Be reserved

Be aggressive

No submissive

Take care of yourself

WAIT take care of me

Grow a child in your belly

But ONLY if a man gives you permission

Be all you can be

As long as it’s not MORE than me

Hurt me if you please

Make me beg, make me plead

But harm me you may not

I am not to be used

Then forgot

Hearts do not mend from harm

That wound doesn’t close or heal up

Harm doesn’t make a scar

But rather

Breads an incurable disease


The barrier to her heart

Had been breached

And with fresh wounds

It began to seep

Tears of pain

Blood coursing through open veins

And in reality she remained

Broken & bruised

With cries that repeated a long sad refrain

Never again whole

And forever stained

Sifting through the ash

Looking for a diamond

In the trash

Only to get stained

With the soil of pain

Filling her wounds

With old love that was strewn

Reliving memories

That never seem to bloom

He had recruited her

for a lusty affair,

of that she wasn’t aware.

He had done this time & again,

without any concern

of the damaged he kept causing.

He was a sly wicked man

who only desired to do

what he harm he could

just to satisfy his evil mood.

The lie had cut her to the quick

Sliced her heart open

And the blood ran thick

Shock had stolen her emotions

And there was no more room

For meaningless affections

Words had clouded her mind

But the truth she finally did find

And in that loss

She had paid the cost

She had become

A renegade from love

After all the lies & deceit

She walked away

Beat the street with her feet

Rebuilt her walls

Higher than heaven above

Sealed the windows & door

Never again to allow

Her love to reach the shore

There is a moment

When a heart breaks

And the world is just silence

It might’ve been different

If you would’ve just listened

Nightmares & dreams

Both do haunt my sleep

Never knowing which is which

& which shall I keep

Instead I wake

In such misery

Tasked with a day ahead

Full of pain & symmetry

Fake smile upon my face

No one knows but me

Play the good girl

Cause no one ever sees

Always at a loss

My heart & thoughts

Nothing I was once

Nothing now I be

Nothing no one can save

Least of all me

Burdens be gone

Guilt & shame move on

Empty shells do breathe

All though not easily

Tears shed aplenty

No less with no meaning

Drops to the floor

Settled upon the sleeve

Heart beats no more

Nothing retreats

Let the sea

Come take me

Let my soul float

Like a lost lonely boat

Let the tide sweep

Me into the depths of the deep

Let my words fade

Into future days

Let my bones be meat

For the fish of the sea

Let my flesh rot

Because I am naught

Let me die

When the sun meets the sky

the peaks

the valleys

the plateaus

health & maladies

ups & downs

the carousel

goes round & round

love & hate

faults & fate

this is the state

of the living

with or without a mate

surviving the shake

crumbled ground beneath our feet

it’s only what we make

& not how we fake

ghost in a shell

bones with no soul

demons breathe in

as madness descends

the wicked begin

with the first sin

blood on a blade

secrets hidden in shade

no one can run from it

we all know who does it

this reaper does cometh

your heart it will plunder

rip your flesh asunder

when my words fail

the music i do inhale

beauty of the devil

eyes of an angel

her soul is only mangled

from webs that entangle

the eyes reflect the soul

tales that go untold

the clues are always there

if you would but stop

and stare

Along the razor’s edge

She waltzes to the beat

Her footsteps cracking

The earth beneath her feet

Where she was

She’ll never go again

Where she’s going

She’s never been

No candle lights her way

No guide to make her stay

She only goes alone

Singing her own song

Sometimes I’m the fire

Sometimes the gasoline

Sometimes I’m the tide

Sometimes the whole sea

Sometimes I’m the poet

Sometimes I barely read

Sometimes I’m the sun

Sometimes the soft rain

Sometimes I’m a person

Sometimes just a name

Sometimes I don’t speak

Only sing a delicate refrain

in the night

it fell from the sky

landed on my lips

covered my skin

seeped in deep

but when the sun

came out to greet me

it evaporated quickly

leaving me to wish

for a breeze

empress in her own mind

living in fantasies

writing her prose

boxed up in a hole

steeped heavy n her woes

unable to breathe

under such a heavy load

no sun no moon

no stars to hold her scars

trapped in a life

weighted down by her desires

freedom isn’t free

last words to the trees

Play your song

Upon my body

Teach me the notes

Fill me with your symphony

Sketch each chord

Into my memory

Don’t abandon hope

For you lyrics live within me

Once close

Now far apart

One wonders

What was lost

Words went unspoken

Some lessons went untaught

Why this sudden anger

Over something that was naught

Passersby here in life

We both struggled

We both cried

But now the quick reverse

Was it the lines

Was it the verse

Deep thoughts


Wondering how, why

Why not

Another day down this course



Thinking all is lost

Lines turn to curves

Boundaries unearthed

Her heart pleading to give birth

To a fantasy filled with words

Where sensuality always comes first

Her walls are sky high

All of her bridges have burnt down

There are cracks in the mortar

Where the shells have punished her fort

The windows are broken

The bars are bent

Sunlight doesn’t shine

& the moon is her friend

Nightmares are more pleasant

Than her dreams

& she still breathes

Let the sea & the storm

Wash away the pain of love

Let me gather strength

To walk forth against the wind

Let my soul breathe easy

& my soul be at peace

For it is only me

That fights to be free

She travels alone

Shoes off

Stockings on

Walking to

A distant land

With passions askew

Walking with a wicked smile

Heading down that long mile

Eager to reach

The new world to breach

In her mind

A universe

In her heart

Lived Jupiter

In her eyes

Waves & tide

In her words


I placate the masses

Streaming prose of naughty acts

I pacify the meanderers

A warning shot to the philanderers

I appease those in need

Showing they are not alone in the weeds

I assuage the lonely

Conciliate their phobia

I mollify to nullify

Let by gones go by

Sacrifice yourself

Sacrifice your thoughts

Sacrifice all you’ve lost

Sacrifice today

Sacrifice tomorrow

Sacrifice the future you borrow

Sacrifice that love

Sacrifice the pain

Sacrifice all that remains

Sacrifice your heart

Sacrifice what you’ve been taught

Sacrifice all that’s naught

Sanity is insane by nature

Clarity is a bane that un-tethers

Reality precludes fantasies

Love binds unnecessarily

Scars live on forever

Wounds may heal but still sever

We are souls in mere skin shells

Yet hope fuels our fervor

It wasn’t enough

To give my heart or my love

Some things just

Aren’t worth the hurt










Do you see


I can be

Can you match my words

Take them beat for beat

Make my mind flutter

And taste just as sweet

Can you bring me to the precipice

Then back in a leap

Would you make my soul sink

Or fill it with that dark need


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Tacky Little Tweets Aug 2019

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Bring me those lips

Dipped in soft sweet honey bliss

Let me lick

The supple skin clean

Allow me to taste

The lust that does debase

Drench me with

All the sins that you wish

Smell her skin

Let your lips

Lightly tickle

The blood that

Courses within

Work up to her neck

Soft sweet kisses

That steal her breath

Be gentle in the beginning

& let the sin sink in

Dripping with

Nothing but lust

Teased & taunted

Her body was now haunted

Eager & waiting

To make a filthy mess

Such sinful sensations

With bated breaths

& sweat upon her chest

tied up & twisted

in a web of tangled love

she existed

her soul hanging in the balance

so eager to drink

from this sinful chalice

blinded & bound in silence

her mind gave no resistance

her body but a limp carcass

to be fed on at least in parts


Come & invade my mind

Rip me open in due time

Flood my desires with your design

Seep into my bones with the word Mine

Touch every inch, caress & pinch

Swallow my breath & never leaving my body bereft

Let me give as you take

This world is what we make

She twisted & turned

Making him crave & burn

As their bodies both yearned

To be encapsulated within their words


Confess your sins to me

While kneeling at my feet

Tell me all your fantasies

What you dare not feel

Voice your deepest thoughts

Do not think I will forget

I’ll hand our your punishment

Before I hand you redemption

But it will all begin

By admitting your deepest sins

As he devoured her words

She drank the lust from his soul


Raging fires

Subtle hints

So deliberate

A touch

A kiss

Leading up to bliss

Tempting torturous teases

Followed by pleasantly naughty pleas

Words that sink in deep

Actions that convince a body to seep

Pleasurable pain leading to salacious sins

The spirit of such arrangement

Must never be taken for granted

she is His Solace


He is her Redemption

Two sides to one coin

Neither is more important

He is Her Dom

she is His Submissive

From his vantage point

She had given what he wanted

Complete & Total Control

Of her heart




She has trusted him

All she could

Now it was time

To make the pain




When he nibbled at her toes

It earned him a sexy sweet smile

She reached down & raked

Her nails upon his scalp

He gave her a soft hum

She growled words back at him

He then fell to his knees

For she was the one & only

Mistress he would worship













Please she whispered

While on her knees

Pleading temptations

A longing to be freed

To be bound with need

Body, soul, her mind to receive

The direction in which

She could proceed

How to please him

Be what she was meant to be

Please…tell me

Salty & sweet

Naughty but neat

She licked every drop

Nothing wasted for her want

Traced every curve

To his desire she served

Fulfilling an ache

She would give

And he would take

Dry mouth

Subtle sigh

She had hidden

All her desires

Until that moment

She was surprised

His lust was so fierce

It was sure to be her demise

Her lust was contagious

It dripped from every pore

When she set her eyes on you

All you could do

Was beg for more

Can you bare me

Strip my soul

Take me to the brink

Then take hold

Can you stretch

My limits until I fold

Would you dare to

I am yours to mold

























Tempting words

Slipped from her lips

Taunting curves

On her delicious hips

Whispers & sighs

Between those thighs

Come & taste

What I dare not hide

Give me pain

Give me lust

I promise to do

What I must

Tease & taunt

Flirt & flaunt

Strip my body

Of all that haunts

Let me be free

In this pleasure we seek

I am shy & meek

But in this

I shall finally breathe

He was no stranger to her thoughts

For he had lived there all along

Tracing her soft curves

Bringing her to the edge of their world

Taunting & teasing her nerves

His will she would serve

A hunger that’s never sated

A lust that won’t be baited

A desire that burns like fire

A taste that is soon acquired

A thirst that can’t be quenched

A mind so entrenched

This is what

She meant

The song on the radio

Played soft & slow

While her mind drifted

Her hands flowed

Skidding across her skin

Thinking of that man

Tingles again did spread

While naughty thoughts

Danced to the beat

In her head

The taste of his skin

Allowed the sin to sink in

Tangy salty sweetness

There would be no forgiveness

For deeds such as these

There is only room for soft pleas

Strangled breaths & heaves

Until the insatiable exploding release

Afraid to be free

I drop to my knees

Wishing to please

The one who

Holds my wings

Hold me


Until such time


I need

The your force

To completely


My mind

My body

My soul

As I beg

For the freedom

You hold

Weave those words

Tempting my heart

All of that

I wish to deserve

Draw the lines

Create the boundaries

Allow me to step

Into this wondrous world

Expand my horizons

Explore my dimensions

Trace every curve

Destroy all my verbs

Lead me thru this darkness

I’ll give you the leash

Be My King

I’ll be Your Queen

Let us play the game

& be on the same side

Moving with rhythm

In sync

Heavy or soft breaths

Let us come together

Master this Art

If such devilish kink

tease my skin

with the sting

as sweat beads

out of every pore

& fiber of my being




this sin

is so healing

come & be

naughty with me

show me

how mischievous

you can be

tempt, taste, taunt

tease, please

show me your WANT

push me to the edge

watch me fall apart

when I get off

your pain

is my gain

he had said to her

your need

is how I feed

on this desire

we incur

give me your mind

i’ll claim your body in time

kneel down & submit

& i’ll show you

all my mischievous tricks

She was such

A mischievous tease

Whispering words

That made the devil blush

Naughty thoughts

That made the heavens crash

Devious deeds

That filled bodies with needs

Luscious curves

That dared to bring

Every sinner to their knees

She swallowed his tongue

As he pressed his body

Into hers

Swirling emotions

Filled with lust’s deceptions

They were not two

But instead

Became one fire

Giving in

To sin’s desires

She was

The cheeky




Always willing to tease

Always willing to please

She could be naughty

She could be nice


She was always

Full of spice

Pop a few buttons

Lean & offer

A delightful view

A sensual open invitation

For you to peruse

Catch a glimpse

Of what you could have

Just a little temptation

From a body

Needing lustful sensations

Let me

LICK you

Up & down

Left & right

Let me

Make a mess of you

Let my tongue

Taste every drop

Until every inch

Is Gone


Love some Ice Cream

Scraping nails

Ticking clocks

Heavy breaths

Souls lost

Sweat gathers

Moans & huffs

Sticky skin

Wet panties lost

Collapse her walls

Control her soul

Take her to the place

She begs to go

Mold her to your will

Indulge her decadent whims

Encourage her mind

To serve at your knees

an explosion of emotion

a decadent diversion

of sensual sensations

a tantalizing temptation

of quickening quaking

a captivating capitulation

Are you equipped?

Do you have what it takes?

To soothe her soul?

Relieve her ache?

Can you captivate?

Entrench her mind?

Make her body quake?

Will you take the time?

Cultivate her flower?

Plough her body?

Find what’s divine?

Do you?

Can you?

Would you?

Teach me how you like it

I promise to always delight in it

Leisure & lace


Pleasure & pain

Naughty thoughts remain

When lust courses through veins

As sexy as I want to be

All curves & reveries

Daydreaming fantasies

Of lust that consumes me

Can you tempt me?

Would you be so bold?

Will you take my mind

Where it desires to go?
























Not her face

Not her lips

But her eyes

So unique





Hidden in plain sight

Only seen in the light

Patience is one of her strongest virtues

Dedication is another

A quieted mind & soul

Is all she endeavors

submission is not just the body

but a craving living in the mind

a need

an obsession

built & cultivated over time

Hidden in the dark

Waiting for a spark

Pain that makes her hurt

Lust that gives her worth

I crave a distraction

Of the naughty fashion

Something to wield

Against my destruction

Someone to feel

Blame for my corruption

Something to taste

Before I am just waste

Somewhere to be

Even though it’s only me

Lying in bed

Fraught with

Dreams & nightmares

Tales of erotic woes

Images that curl toes

The warm sheets

Have turned cold

But memories

Remain bold

The lust & sin

That stains our world

Lives on

In the fabric of the prose

Do you have it?

What it takes

To make her squeal

& shake?

Do you feel her words?

Do you see her mind?

Would you take the time?

Learn her shape

Be worthy of her name

Dissipate her shame

Make her beg

For your kind of pain?

Can you reach her core?

Do more than just score?

Do you have it?

Worthlessly willing

Timelessly torturing

Safely soaring

Patiently presenting

Often open

Lust to be chosen

Luring looks

Daring details

What is this naughty need

That aches to be quelled

Masterly mindful

Shapely sharp

What are these delightful sins

Can they be taught

Tempting & tasteful

Silent & soulful

Wishful & waiting

Hopeless & hopeful

Longing & lovely

Shaken & shameful

Bold & bashful

Naughty & needy

Full & fulfilling

Tethered & taunting

Tempting lines

Delicate details

Poised poses

Naughty needs

Filthy dreams

Devilish deeds

Sassy smiles

Would you

Could you



Can you

Should you



Professionally polite

Sinfully sweet

Tantalizing temptress

Lustful lover

Pliant pose

Lusty & bold

Eager & supple

Needy & wanting

Delicate & desirable

Haunted yet lovable

Devil & Angel

Sinner & sinful

Squeeze a little tighter

Go ahead &

Steal my breath

Hold my will still

Strong hands

On my neck

Show me I’m yours

Make me feel it

Don’t let my mind question

The lust in your strength

Tease me

Tempt me

Drag me to the edge

Titillate me

Thrill me

Make me gasp & want

Treasure me

Touch me

Bathe me in sin

Too shy to say hi

Too meek to take a peek

The Angel in me

Needs the Devil to be released

Stop in & stare

Only if you dare

Read between my lines

And see what I wish to share

Lust flows through my veins

My mind is so untamed

Let my frame become the pain

That flourishes in your domain

Lines were meant to be crossed

When sin is what is sought

Lying in wait

Oh such a state

Desperate naughty thoughts

Skin eager & taut

Lush sweet fantasies

That consume the body in need

Come & press the flesh

Let’s make such a mess

Hidden in the dark

Do you dare see her spark

Prose written in woe

Poems that inevitably show

Eagerness to learn

Explore & be shown

How to release

This Beast

That needs to feast



With such need

He demands



With an ache

That will be

The loss of me

Invade my thoughts

Capture my dreams

Give me all

I crave to be

Tantalize my skin

Torture my needs

Command me

As you please

Chain my desires

Bound my mind

Fill me up

With your power

Firecracker Red


Perched on the bed

Her form a fitting maze

Her mind a treasure ablaze

But what of her lust?

Does it burn

As bright

As she does?

Dressed in all white

This angel does not hide

Waiting for a devil

To leash her soul forever

Patient she’ll ever be

Even when the clock strikes 3

Hoping fantasy succeeds

Entwining with reality’s needs

Silent & Solemn

Quiet & Taunted

Waiting is but a Boundary

Wanting is Allowing

Alone but not Lonesome

Prideful but not Boastful

She waits but for the moment

Until His whispers become haunted









Filling up







Only Now

You may



Get It

Let the tears sting

As my throat tries

To suck in deep

Let the fog clear

As I can only think

Of you right here

Let the taste sink

As each pore

Of me is consumed

Let this lust breathe

There’s only me

In you




turned away charcoal drawing

If I just

Slipped away

Would you notice

That I had gone

To stay


If my words


Along with the breeze

That flew by here

Would you miss

My sweet sentiments


If my voice

Was no longer clear

None of my songs

Rang in your ear

Would you wonder

If the notes

Had been torn asunder


If my soul

Was not here

To be stolen

By this fear

Would you then contemplate

If I was your

Long lost mate


If my heart

Did not beat

To the drum

Of your feet

Would you cry

At the loss

That you once knew me


If my prose

Faded away

With the ocean’s tide

No shreds

Left in the bay

Would you forget

That what I gave

You didn’t miss or save


If my body

Were to lay here

Before thee

Would you shun

This mortal corpse


Would you feel

Any loss

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Well…this is a hard pill for many to swallow.

Honesty, in my view, is a basic natural action that ends up getting muddied with complex self and societal judgements of what is and what is not acceptable. In short, we naturally want to be honest, but for fear of hurting someone else, being judged by others, or actually facing our own fears, flaws and insecurities, we end up lying to everyone and to ourselves.

Ever heard that old saying that when you point the finger at someone, you actually have three pointed back at you…? Well, there is some truth to that which I am sure a licensed medically professional can illuminate much better than I can here. But basically, it’s the idea that when you shove blame to another person or persons, you actually point out your own fears and guilt. When you cast the light off of your own actions to someone else, you are really denying your role in what’s happened. You are denying what you did wrong.

Why does this matter…well, because when you divert the guilt or blame from yourself, you are in fact LYING. You are trying to lie to others and yourself. Why is that important? Only when you commit to not lying to yourself, can you be able to be completely honest with others around you.

Honesty is an extremely valuable commodity. With a world full of self-aggrandizing fakes, liars, and posers, honesty is the only true thing we have left. At this point, people are even arguing facts, so what is this world without honesty? I’ll tell you…sad and false.

To begin to be honest, you need to accept that when you are, you may not be liked for it. You may be hated for it. But the overall health that your honesty gives to your relationships and yourself make up for any amount of hate or dislike you may garner because of your honesty. Honesty requires the ability to know and express how you truly feel.

How does this dress look on me?

Does this shirt make me look fat?

Does this look stupid?

What do you think about my hair?

All these questions have been posed to men and women alike since the dawn of time. If you were to ask a man how to answer these questions, you’d probably get the same response from most of them. LIE. LIE. LIE. WHY? If you answer truthfully, you may have to deal with someone disliking your words or feelings. And in truth, how many people want the honest answer when they ask these questions? But the more important question is…how do you feel when you answer these questions with less than the truth? How long can you keep up the ruse that her favorite dress makes her look like an old lady? How long can you stomach the horrible spaghetti she feeds you once a week? These things may seem like a very light burden to carry when it’s for someone you love. But I ask you, is the harm of hurt feelings for a short time so much better than the realization weeks, months, or years later that the one person they trusted lied, even about the small things in life.

Turn it on the other foot for a moment. Say you love your beard. You groom it, brush it, trim it, condition it, and buy the little bottles of expensive creams to make it soft…YOU LOVE YOUR BEARD. After twenty years of marriage, you find out your partner hates your facial hair and has always wanted you to just shave that shit off your face. They never told you that. They had complimented you on it when you first dated. They had laughed about it when you tried out different techniques. Overall, you thought they really liked it! Because they never said they didn’t.

Let’s get a little more serious with the example. When you first met your partner, you were a single person. You had friends, and maybe even a friend with benefits. You were dating around and seeing/chatting with a few people or hell…many of them. At what point did you decide to become exclusive? Was it at the same point they did, or was one of you still dating around while the other was getting serious enough to settle down? Should you lie about what you did and when or with who? Or should you be open and honest with this person you are getting into a real relationship with? Imagine staying silent for weeks, months, even years only to have that come out so far down the road you think it wouldn’t matter. It does.

It matters.

Don’t believe someone if you they tell you it doesn’t, because it does.

The lack of honesty in the beginning, leads to a snowball effect that can reverberate throughout the length of the relationship and carry on into other relationships. Sometimes it can be overcome…sometimes not. Once caught in a lie, the tendency is to not trust what does come out of your mouth. Once caught lying or even telling half-truths can come back to bite you in your ass. The lying puts the whole relationship in jeopardy. It’s no longer the when’s, the why’s, the how’s, the where’s… it turns into quantity. How much was the truth and how much was the lie?

If you lie about little things, then what is to stop you lying about the big ones?

If you cannot be honest with the people you love and care for, how honest are you really being with yourself?

If you cannot be honest with yourself, then how honest can you truly be in any type of relationship?

Honesty is a fundamental building block of all relationships, whether it is a partner in life, friends, family, or even coworkers. Once you accept your honest opinions, views, ideas, and feelings, you will begin to feel like an authentic person. Once you feel and mirror your feelings with actions of an honest person, you will be amazed when you receive honesty back. It is not always a gift with a pretty bow. Sometimes honesty is a hard brick falling from a 500 foot cliff. Sometimes it will hurt. Sometimes it will bruise your ego. But in the end, you know that you can believe the person who’s been honest, and they can trust that you are being honest and authentic. They are free to be themselves when being honest with you, as you are finally free to be yourself with them.

Honesty is what leads to good, strong, respectful relationships that last way passed the obligatory platitudes and pitfalls that come with being untruthful with those you love.


The Dark Roots of Desire (Teaser)

NEW cover art

After Hours
The Dark Roots of Desire 

By EJ Reine and Darrell Khaners

This short story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the authors’ imaginations or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This short story is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. It may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this short story with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with.

Copyright © 2019 KhaRe Fiction

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All rights reserved. Including the right to reproduce this short story or portions thereof, in any form. No part of this text may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the authors.

Authors’ Note:  The genre for this piece of fiction is erotica.  It may be inappropriate for anyone under 18 years old and will contain sexual and graphic scenes.  It is only recommended for mature audiences.



As the last keystroke was entered, I leaned back while taking off my glasses and I dragged my hand up to my forehead and rubbed it slightly. Thankfully the office was empty and that allowed me to close my eyes to absorb the quiet still air.  I opened them slowly and glanced at the clock on the wall. 7:40 and the only sound that echoed was the light tapping of keys on a keyboard from the other room. The deadline had been pushed up by ten days and I was hard-pressed to get all of the work done so I asked Sarah to stay late last night and tonight. Being the ever dutiful assistant, she, of course, agreed to stay as she had always done in the past. Her nails created a mesmerizing rhythm, much like fingers on a piano playing a symphony, allowing my mind to wander to the memory of the outfit she wore today. It was a short black skirt that clung to her like a wet paper towel lying across a hand; I loved how it followed the toned muscles of her legs, up to the roundness of her taut ass, and finally cinching in tight on her waist.  She was gorgeous and I wanted to see more of her. In an instant, I realized that I was hungry, and it wasn’t my stomach that was growling. 

“Sarah… come in here for a minute,” I said as my eyes fixated on the door. A few seconds later she entered my office in her black skirt, red top, and slender black heels. I couldn’t help but smirk as I watched her.  There was something about her that grabbed my attention. It wasn’t just the way she walked or even the way her eyes would flicker devilishly when she looked at me as she took her place at the front on my desk. No, it was everything about her and it fueled my fire every time her body was in my presence. Her top hugged her perfectly.  It wasn’t too tight to make others stare but it was tight enough to allow me to see what I was missing underneath.

“Yes, Mr. Stone?” she replied with her heels clicking on the floor as she approached my desk.

“You can call me Cody.  It’s after hours.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stone,” she responded as a light blush hit her cheeks.

I just shook my head and let my eyes drift up and down as she came to stop in front of my desk.  “I’m hungry,” I said.  

A slow smile pulled at the corners of her mouth as she tilted her head slightly to the left.  “What are you hungry for?” she asked coyly.

“I’m not sure,” I said as my eyes met hers.  I knew what I wanted and my hunger was quickly growing as I continued to eye every curve that stood in front of me… but I also knew she couldn’t stay much later; she needed to get back home to see him before he started getting nosy again.

“What,” I continued, “did you have in mind?”



Cody Stone was a determined hard-ass boss and that was obvious to anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him.  But he was also a sexy, strong-minded man who revved my engine inexplicably. It was a year ago when I entered his office for an interview and just the view of him nearly knocked me to my knees. The months that followed only proved that the attraction I had for him was much more than just physical. Routinely his commanding tone had a tendency to make my legs shake as moisture would drip down and dot my panties, well, when I was wearing any. I loved my job, so when he asked me to stay late, I knew I couldn’t deny him… any request. Not to mention, how much I delighted in any extra time I could spend with the man who filled my fantasies on a daily and nightly basis. Pleasing him always seemed to make my time at work feel less like work and more like serving an unknown purpose. When I heard him call my name, my fingers seized and my stomach did a small flip. I had hunger on my mind but not the kind that food would satisfy. Swallowing hard, I slid my chair back before standing up and straightening my skirt. I wore it nice and tight, just the way he liked it. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves before entering his office.

He had leaned back in his chair, exuding his usual in control and commanding demeanor, and the look on his face told me everything I needed to know. He was just as hungry as I was and food was not what would sate it. I couldn’t help it, but a shy smile crept up onto my face as he voiced his hunger and need for sustenance. I proceeded to answer his questions with all of the appropriate “Mr. Stone’s” when I recognized a chance to entice him with what I knew he really wanted. 

“Well,” I stepped closer to his desk as I rested my arms across my chest, making sure to push up my breasts in a teasing manner, “I could gather the take out menus for you.”

I licked my bottom lip while eyeing him, then slowly drug my teeth over it. “Unless…” I chanced another step closer to his desk, laying my palms flat on the cool wood, forcing my body to bend over into his favorite position, “there’s something else you had in mind?”

I noticed him shift in his seat as he took in not only my words but every curve of my form. I knew that he knew exactly what I was hinting at, and I had no doubt a nice bulge was now straining against his clothing. As his eyes met mine, they then dropped slowly down to my top and focused on the constricting buttons that dared to keep my breasts enclosed in the light material. 

He kept his focus on my breasts as he replied, “Hmm, I think that you may be correct. The take out menus don’t have anything that could satisfy my hunger, and I’m feeling quite ravenous.” 

I feigned a disappointed look but my eyes didn’t deceive my meaning. “Well, that is definitely a problem.”  I leaned down further making sure my ass was pushed up into the air, eager to spur him on. “I’m not sure how to solve your hunger issue if there is nothing on the menus that will satisfy you.”

I innocently scanned his desk pondering what would solve this problem. I breathed in deeply, allowing a soft sound to emanate as I released it. “Tsk, tsk, whatever shall we do, Mr. Stone? I’m all out of ideas but, I feel it’s my duty to make sure you are satisfactorily pleased.”



My eyes met hers again as she continued to lean forward on my desk; her perfectly shaped ass hoisted in the air, begging to be grabbed and smacked.  She was poised to be taken right now and made it clear that her hunger matched mine. The bulge in my pants continued to harden before I placed my hands on the arms of my chair and slowly pushed myself up.  Her eyes continued to latch onto me as I stepped around my desk and then behind her to get a better view of what I craved. Her teeth were once again scratching the surface of her bottom lip as I inspected her.  She knew how to entice me and there were days, like today, where she nearly made me ravenous and it was those in moments when the Wolf in me came out.

After a moment, she stood up and turned slightly so that I could peer into her eyes again.  She was waiting for an answer as I took another step closer, my eyes dancing with desire, and moved my hand behind her.  My fingertips slowly inched up the back of her arm while I eyed the supple skin on her neck. A quick, sharp breath pushed into her mouth and lungs as my fingers moved up to her shoulder.  “I know what I want,” I replied as my fingers crawled into her hair, feeling the silky threads blanket between my fingers and across the back of my hand as I slowly clenched my fingers tight.  A sudden, a heavy breath jumped from her mouth as I began to pull her head back. With her chin lifted, I moved my mouth close to her neck so she could feel my hot breath. With my mouth hovering above her neck and her pulse racing in anticipation, I moved my other hand down to the edge of her skirt and pulled it up towards her hips.

As the material gathered up at her tiny waist, I dropped my mouth and teeth into her neck as my other hand found her panties.  She moaned as my fingers continue to hold a tight grip on her hair and my other hand tugged the edge of her panties aside. My hand slid back and her wetness welcomed my finger.  I drifted my mouth down towards her collarbone and felt her frantically moving her fingers to the buttons on her top. As she separates the thin cloth, my middle finger slipped between her wet lips and began to glide back and forth.  Her excitement quickly covered my finger as I made sure to rub against her clit each time I moved the finger backward.  

All of her buttons are undone and I dropped my mouth down between her breasts.  I released the grip on her silky hair and moved my hand to her back as she let her red top slide down her arms and drop to the floor. With one quick pinch, I unhooked her bra and my mouth dove towards her hard nipple. I smothered it with my mouth, sucking and biting on it as she pulled the bra down her arms.  As I sucked and held her nipple between my teeth, my hand moved further back between her legs and I slowly pushed a finger inside of her. She moaned again loudly as I felt her hands digging into my shoulders.


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Sweet Little Musings July 2019

sweet little musings cover art wordpress

There was no

Happily Ever After

Written in my prose

There was no

Knight in Shining Armor

Coming to rescue the farmer’s daughter

There was no

Savior Bathed in Light

To come save me from my plight

There was only Me

I chose to stand up

Walk forth

& Be All I Could Be

Don’t cry for me

Or the broken heart you see

My love is not for the weak

I will not accept this pity you speak

My will is made of hard steel

These trenches will never be filled

But rather I would say these truths to you

Let me sink, let me stew

It only allows

Better poetry to spew

There was no party to be had

No celebrations for the past

No twinkling lights to light the path

No champagne waiting on tap

Tears & a wooden box

Closed up & never to be touched

Six feet down into the ground

& you’ll never hear the raindrops that dare to fall down

walk away now

try not to cry or frown

what you thought was real

was only a nightmare you feel

the truth was a lie

there is no reason why

just keeping moving forward

what you’ve lost

is no more


The “flavor of the month”

That’s all she was

And when he was done

He moved on

Leaving her heart

To fry in the sun

The monsters in her head

Had torn her life to shreds

Cracked her mind into pieces

Sliced her heart with the seasons

No more words

No more thoughts

No more breaths

For she was just a corpse

A shell for the undead morgue

I have no claim

To either fortune nor fame

I give up what was made

To be rid of this pain

I walk away

Never to return here again

My soul does shake

When my heart shatters & breaks

The love that once was

I renounce from here on

I won’t be a part

Of what makes me lost

I renounce my heart

give away all I’ve got

let the darkness take me now

my mind has lost all thought

my body is but a shell

shattered & wrecked from hell

I’ll fight no more wars

I’ve nothing to settle old scores

leave my worries behind me

I’ll walk but no hiding

Enamored with glass

Glitter & gold

Her eyes filled with delight

At the treasure that was stolen

Greed had claimed her soul

Her morals gave her no mold

She was but a thief

Never to keep what was sold

Her sultry voice

Washed away all his thoughts

While she danced along clouds

Until they were lost

Her song soothed his soul

Until it was stolen

Along with the pride

Goeth the fallen

His words made her melt

His lips made her cream

What was this magic

That lived in his being

His falsities she couldn’t see

Cause she lived in her dreams

Reality slapped her in the face

Taught her Not to remember these things

Love is not love

when the blind can’t see

words can enchant

but actions disagree

we can’t let our mind

wander thru the dreams

our bodies are reality

that’s where we must live

don’t settle for the fantasy

that’s not where you breathe

this journey is fraught

with potholes of thought

mountains of worry

& tears that fall hard

we cannot tread lightly

when our feet sink so deep

we must struggle for the sunshine

wipe away our fears when we weep

reach out a hand when the road is steep

lean when we need

there once was a place

with loads of warm space

to stretch out my arms

where I felt no harm

somewhere I could grow & learn

where I could hide my hurt

the sun shone through glass

& the rain would pass

where I felt true love

it was a home where I belonged

now it’s gone

My deviant sins

Lead me to an end

Where the walls

Closed in

Rain poured in & down

There’s no sun

Coming thru my clouds

No wind

To carry the sound

I only taste ash

In my mouth

With no water

To wash it down

Nothing left in me

To be found

Words in a box

Is all I have

It wasn’t

Your intent

To break

All that was built

But when

The foundation

Is built on

Shaky lies

There was no doubt

All the walls

Would fall down

& the love

That was found

Would burn

Down to the ground

Quiet as a mouse

My voice never rang out

I was a ghost

Lost in a scarred shell

My time never came

Heaped on me was the blame

As others took my place & the fame

Withered away

Long gone to stay

My heart never beat inside you

Just a placeholder

A bare shoulder

Until I was left black & blue

I begged when I could

I tried harder than I should

But nothing would make you love me

So alone on the block I stood

Tears fell from clouds

Lightning struck loud sounds

& in my sadness I did drown

The sun never came out

Darkness in me was paramount

Until over the cliff I fell

He asked how I fell

Into this pit called Hell

I said I had loved too much

Only to realize

That I was never enough

He laughed at me & called me silly

Before announcing

that I wasn’t enough

Because I was too much

I gave you time

You gave me patience

Even though we both hated it

I gave my heart

You gave me lies

Now there’s nothing left but despise

I had buried my soul

In a cave deep below

Never to be seen

By those who know nothing

I had buried my voice

For no one to hear my choice

Cause it didn’t matter

My heart could never be un-shattered

Throw away the pictures

Throw away the rings

Throw away

What we thought of all these things

Throw away the past

Throw away the present

Hold on to the future

You never know what’s in it

I gave a wink

After the words that I sing

Just to remind thee

You’ll never catch me

I move too far too fast

This would never last

You weren’t meant to be mine

Now I must go & fly

You were dependent upon the thought

That I would never cross

Pass the threshold of your love

When I grew up

Learned independent thoughts

You walked away agog

Never believing without you

I’d wouldn’t be lost

I cling to the caress

I had thought my soul blessed

I held on tight

No matter the size of the fight

I believed when I shouldn’t have

Until the universe collided & crashed

Now I dream of you no more

While my tears puddle upon the floor

The storm had left my heart ragged & torn apart.

The rains had caused the drowning of my dreamy thoughts.

The wind had destroyed my true course.

My hopes died in the oblivion of your false love.

Fall had faded into winter.

Snows came to cover the splinters.

The sun hid behind the clouds.

It was then my soul spoke aloud.

Another year had gone by

but it was not that truth

that made me cry.

But the illumination

of the stars in the sky

that taught my heart to fly.

These scars are mine

Not yours

These tears I cry

Have made me blind

These worries I cling to

Are the lies I believed true

The love I shared

You have made un-pure

I realize now

My heart does not need you


My soul is now shatter-proof

Hurt you can get over

Harm is what leaves scars

Hurt is the pain in your heart

Harm are the thoughts you can’t let go of

Hurt heals

Harm doesn’t

Hurt mends

Harm festers

Be careful who you hurt

Because you may have just harmed them for life

I used to care

But then I stopped

I used to love

Until it all dried up

I used to want to

But then my heart hurt

I used to be yours

And now in not

I don’t live in “used to”

I don’t live in “maybe”

I don’t accept your half love

I don’t let u call me baby

I won’t fight for your lies

I won’t let you take my pride

I won’t give more than I get

I won’t allow you to come back

I will love myself

I will accept respect

you can go to Hell

All those words

you wrote for me

Flows with the tide

Out to sea

I hold no anger

I now see

you were just a bubble

& I wasn’t the trouble

your soul is putrid

& now I’m thru it

Be gone now

Lie to another soul

My eyes are wide

Filled with the truth

Of both sides

Don’t say goodbye

you are no star

In my sky

I’m finally letting go of you

Gotta find a better view

Need to see a better way

Lift myself up

Instead of crying

Cause I stayed

I’m walking away

& you’ll never see me again

Live with your own shame

Cause one day

you’ll see

you were just NOBODY

An empty face

I pushed out of my space

Who cares if someone loves you

When you can’t love yourself

Their love won’t fill you up

You gotta do that yourself

Call me the girl

Late to the dance

Call me the woman

Who lives in a trance

Call me the whore

Who slept with a married man

Call me what you will

I don’t give a damn

Call me caring

I give what I get

Call me forgiving

& know I never forget

Call me loving

I show my heart

Not something fake

I used to be

Under lock & key

But now it seems

That my soul is free

A bird without a cage

Broken heart that is a maze

A mind that still portrays

The fantasies of long lost days

Pull the trigger

Slice me into for ways

Tear me apart

This is no mere phase

I’m held together

With tape & stitches

The wind blows heavily

& I may stumble

But I’m still standing

No matter what happens

What ghosts lurk in my closet

I’m still the girl who wishes for love

& holds her heart in her pocket

Screw your fantasy.

This is my reality.

You’ve stolen something

that was so precious

to me.

Broke my heart.

Broke my trust.

Now here I sit,

my thoughts

turned to dust.

Your heart

Is no longer my cross

To bear

Your fantasies

Of some long lost reality

Is no longer my worry

Your well being

Is no longer

My concern to share

Your love

Is no longer

My love

This I swear

I’m Done

With “your” kind of love

I’m Done

Living in the shadows of “us”

I’m Done

Waiting & wanting more

I’m Done

With getting less than I deserve

I’m Done

Playing “your game” of being nice

I’m Done

Giving you all I’ve got

I’m Done

With All This

It was too late

The damaged had been done

My heart laid broken

Against the heat of the sun

Lies had filled the compromises

Lust had fueled the fire

But when all was said & done

I was true

While you were a liar

I am free

As free as I’ll be

No chains can ever hold me

No whims will control me

I do as I must

Sorting through the trash and dust

I love how I need

Taking refuge when I seek

I lust how I want

How I love that filthy muck

Come dance in the dark

And I’ll show you my love

If you need an angel

I’ll be happy to oblige

If you need a devil

Take a gander inside

If you need a friend

I’ll sit and listen

If you need a lover

Come dare and discover

If you need a slave

Know I’m not your maid

But if you want my truth

Come and be my sleuth

Treat me like a whore

I’ll be the one to settle the score

Treat me like a lady

I’ll smile and say maybe

Treat me like a poet

Writing words you never know

Treat me like woman

Realize I’m not just one

But I am all these

They encompass me

And I’ll always do as I please

I wish I may

I wish I not

Lay across the table

Wrapped in rope and knots

Spread me wide open

Taste my essence from my lips

Then stuff me like a turkey

Full of your foul filth

I once was a heart

Wrapped in sweet silk

Until a rogue came

And wrapped me in filth

Now I’m a scarred heart

Filled with a putrid smell

I’ll write my pain down

And sell this heart for wealth

I will bend

But I won’t be knocked down

Storms may come towards me

But I’ll stand my ground

Winds, rains, bombs, & earthquakes

I’ll be standing still thru it all

This is how the PHOENIX is made

I am bound to No One but myself

I chose what I will and do so without help

I follow my own guide laced with the tears I have cried

I have found my own power and shall wield it as I desire

I walk on burnt ground

Where the bombs fell down

No tears in my eyes

Just the sting of surprise

How am I still standing

After Hell has landed

At my front doorstep

Delivered so that I’ll never forget

All that was once

Has ceased to exist

Just me here

My hand as a Fist

My words may turn you on

But I’m not a piece of meat

Or some prize to be won

I’m not just a collection

Of various holes

I have a decent brain

And plenty of emotions

If you want encouragement

For your hard on

Try reading my stories

But leave my soul alone

You’ll never be my home

“The night is dark & full of terrors.”

The road is long & filled with holes to scare us.

The end is up ahead even when we cannot see it.

May I breathe until Death comes to reap it.

Fate don’t strike me down

Think me too weak or too proud

Fear don’t hold me now

I can’t breathe in this painful cloud

Jealousy don’t clamp on to me

I won’t bear the weight of that cross with me

Silence don’t give me forgiveness

You’ve already stolen all that was missed

I don’t need a foot rub

or a butt massage

I don’t need you to tell me

how pretty my face is

cause it’s a damn lie

I don’t need you

to convince me

that I’m a good person

I just need the right one

to soothe my soul

massage my spirit

help heal my heart

so I can be whole again

There are no words of wisdom here

Just thoughts spoken out of fear

I hold no degrees, no art here to see

Just mindless thoughts sent into the atmosphere

I fight great battles but receive no medals

I sing songs but only to empty shadows

I am but a ghost

Don’t fall for my quotes

I Can’t Sleep Because

My soul aches without love

I Can’t Sleep Because

My mind craves what never was

I Can’t Sleep Because

My dreams are my night terrors

I Can’t Sleep Because

My heart is left un-repaired

I Can’t Sleep Because

I know you never cared

All of us are broken.

None of us need to be fixed.

Life is a learning curve.

Be sure not to fall off of it.

Some people aren’t meant to be forever.

Some people are just lessons you need to learn.

Some people don’t love the real you.

Some people can’t view your soul thru & thru.

Some people stand in the crowd.

Some people live on clouds.

Some angels are demons.

Some hearts can’t be retrieved

His devices lined the walls,

so many toys to torture my soul.

His wicked smile graced his face,

while my tender spots ached.

He watched my every move,

as my eyes grew.

One touch & I knew

my heart would be his


Time ticks away

Every so slowly

Each night I lay here

My heart continues

To be broken

No rest for the weary

No words left to be spoken

Just let the clock tick

For my soul stays frozen

Their love was

like a shooting star.

Easily seen,

but from afar.

Quick to appear,

& fast to burn out.

What was once there

she now lives without.

He said she was beautiful.

But she didn’t believe him.

Why would he treat her so,

if he truly thought her beautiful?

His words say one thing,

but actions speak another.

Which made her continue to think

his lies were like all the others.

Once I am gone

My words will not live on

They will be set aside

For something better

& full of pride

Into the void

My soul will travel on

No memories left to hold me

To this world I destroyed

The pictures will burn

Ashes scattered to the sun

one soft goodbye

& then I am done

Let me not linger

The night calls to me

Let my soul leave

I no longer wish to breathe

Let death still my heart

So it cannot beat

Lay me in the ground

For it is where I shall sleep

No tears for me

No songs shall they sing

Play that old cello

Until the strings are weak

Death come & take me

For I am ready to go

I’ve had enough of all this

Time has stolen my soul

I no longer wish to remember

What my mind wants to forget

But my heart holds on

To nothing but all this regret

Time is my enemy

But also my best friend

It holds me closely

More than anyone can

It measures my steps

Reminds me of the past

It lingers within infinity

Takes my soul to the great beyond

It works against

My greatest sins

It lulls me into submission

When I try to forget

Speak those words

With your mouth

& let me believe

Dare I not see

The actions you show me

Talk is cheap

& hearts are worth pennies

They last not long

At least within me

What value does

A broken soul have

When words are all

They believed in

Stand by my side

Let us be hand in hand

As we move

Into this distant land

Where songs no longer play

Hearts no longer sing

There is only the mist

In this darkness we see

Let us travel together

Deep down in the pit

Gather our strength

Before the loneliness hits

Expunge my scars

Remove them from my heart

I wish to no longer feel

All that I have lost

Let these memories fade

Build my walls into a maze

So that any soul I have left

May find refuge in solitude

And no longer be bereft

Through the years

When life was tough

I stood strong

& gave all I’ve got

When the tears fell

Away with the love

I held on tight

& never gave up

I sacrificed what

I was

To give you

What you wanted

In the end

My best just wasn’t

Good enough

To keep it

All going

She was

hesitant to

speak of love.

Something she was

convinced that

she was never sure of.

Or was it

just because

she had never

felt or known

her own



3 little words

We all long to hear

Are wrapped up

& laced with fear

Some say them easy

Some believe there’s no meaning

Some are true

But yet

Never said to you

They could change



They could mean


But some will never know

So they just go

Keep your monetary fortunes

Keep your good luck tokens

Keep your well wishes

Keep all those things

That makes you listless

Keep your kind words

Keep your empty meanings

Keep all that

Which makes you fearless

Keep your goodbyes

Wrap them with your hello’s

No heart lives here



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Sweet Little Musings June 2019

sweet little musings cover art wordpress

just cause they could

doesn’t mean they would


because they can’t

my soul won’t

tears are my friends

love is the enemy

loneliness is my partner

words are where I falter

music is the song of my soul

sunlight is the demon who failed

my fears live in that darkness

I know it is all of me

that walks this path alone

I’ll hold the hand

of a ghost that’s never gone

hearts are meant for breaking

souls are made for taking

mistakes are meant to scar

love is made to mar

and what’s left

are shattered pieces

left bereft

it was never about

the money that was spent

but all about

the love that was rejected

is there anything worse

than the realization

that you were

the only one

who was




but never


remember why

the tears stained

your cheeks

don’t let go

of the lesson

inside this pain

& what

it taught you

if they

hurt you once

don’t forget

they’ll do it again

in just a span

of a heartbeat

who needs the sunlight

when the darkness is so inviting

who needs forgiveness

when sins are so malignant

who needs healing

when the pain is all feeling

who needs love

when emptiness is all that

rains from above

don’t even fight

go with the tide

let the swell

sweep you up

& wash you out

float & sway

let the ocean

do as it may

be nothing but

a bubble that floats

let the salt seep in

let it cleanse

the deep pain within

you are the sea

& all that it contains

set to sail

in that majestic refrain

In the light

Of a hunter’s moon

I made confessions

Of what my heart did

In the days of sun

1001 lost dawns

Had passed without love

Only the falling stars

Could see my scars

As they were

Hidden during

The total eclipse

Of the moon

When It Falls Apart

you can choose to pick it up

take the time

reattach the pieces

try to make it true


you can stomp on the pieces

break apart the shards

sweep that shit up

& just move on

His words attacked my heart

His actions proved my worth

And although He had

Destroyed my walls

There was

Just one thing left

that I could

Never give up


I may not be

Your cup of tea


I may just be

That shot of whisky

You Need

So Long And Thanks For the memories

whether good or bad

they’ll live within me

the lessons I’ve learned

the mistakes we’ve made

they swirl & settle

& seep onto the pages

this history of my life

the steps I’ve taken

it’s all a part of

this world I’m making

You bound me with

the words You said

You bound me with

the actions You made

You bound me with

the faith You have

You bound me with

the strength of Your mind


I bind you with

the love of my heart

I bind you with

the peace in my soul

I bind you

cause I never wanted

anyone more

She said- I would’ve been good to you

He said- You should’ve been better

She said- I could’ve left you sooner

He said-But you didn’t, so what do I care

She said-I might’ve learned to love you

He said-I wouldn’t have loved you back

She said- This could’ve been real special

He said- But it’s not so fuck off

My Eulogy To Twitter

It’s been fun

It’s been real

It’s been real fun

But alas

Good things don’t last forever

& I say goodbye to u Twitter

I’ve tweeted, RT’d, liked all that I can

But now u must go away

Like the coarse grains of sand

Farewell thee Twitter

It was fun while it lasted

I wish there be

No tears in your eyes

Let love slip away

& know there is a better day

This may be the end of 1 chapter

But another will come after

Let us hope for stronger love

Something brighter sent from above

I wish you good fortune

& leave your heart un-tortured

A century of waiting

& my heart

Could barely take it

My soul was so lonely

Thinking there was no peace

to be had for me

& when I drew in

The last breath I had held within

Suddenly u appeared

to bring my weariness to an end

Now we gather the pieces

Our love is endless

No more good mornings

No more good nights

No more wishes

For you to sleep tight

No more I love us

No more time for us

No more hugs

when you say adios

No more hellos

or have a good day

No more begging

or hoping you’ll stay

No more is left

No more will be here

All we have is

Nothing but fear

I’m a major fuck up.

She said.

I hurt people. I hurt myself.

She cried.

I thought being honest was equal to being #brave.

She whined.

Why didn’t I know that an omission is just a lie that’s hidden?

She fell apart inside.

I insisted that I was broken

He declared no truth in that notion

I said that I had been ripped to pieces

He believed that my heart was scarred but not defeated

I didn’t know how to believe it

But He slowly reattached the lost parts of me

Now We both breathe

I have to hurt

and struggle

and feel the pain

to grow

and learn

and be stronger

each day.

We are two of a kind

you & me

your love is

Tough & Rugged

When unleashed

my love is

soft  & sweet

as you taste my heat

Together we make

such a seductive melody

Come closer

& I promise

To take the bite

As We head to sinful heights

you bring the leather

I’ll wear the lace

Time and Patience

Time heals.

Patience allows it.