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Welcome all, this is but food for your minds and your souls.

Written here, in some small words that may rhyme, lies the inner workings of my heart. Sometimes tainted with hate, sometimes with sheer love, these words are but just a mere glimpse of what I am made up of. Understand if you can, love if you must, but above of else, please be respectful. What I share may drip with desire, or it could just make you cry, but either way, I endeavor to touch souls.

Please enjoy.

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The Dark Roots of Desire

I’ve now added a blog page to display my writings that are more personal!

The Blog Page

Web novella Last Week of Marriage!

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Sweet Little Musings, Tacky Little Tweets, and Words for Fortune Cookies 

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Short & Steamy Flash Fiction

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Love Is All the Little Things

“There is always something quite raw about EJ Reine’s work: others may try to describe emotions, but she hangs them out to dry over each and every letter, writing her phrase as to soulful music where flighty melodies work over sad bases. Her writing shows that emotions are ‘dirty’ – dirty because their state is forever misting into others. Love to hate, hope to despair, the want of freedom to the abandonment of will. Real feelings are complex and that is what EJ Reine can capture like no one else. You can’t ever question the truthfulness of what she writes. And she writes beautifully.”

Alyson Madden-Brooker @AlysonMB1

EJ’s blog is seriously amazing! Her sexy writing possesses tons of heat and heart. And her “Last Week Of Marriage” series…hot damn! I read every installment the second it’s posted. Not only is it sexy, it’s full of passion, emotion, and suspense. This blog is not to be missed!

Please read Sarah’s blog below for more hot, steamy, sexy words that will send you to bed…hungry.

Sarah Smith @teamchavarre

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